Constant droopy leaves, these girls will die?

Jul 24, 2021
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i got this 3 gorilla glue auto in a 3 gal pot , the soil mix contains super soil . they are under 800w cob full spectrum led, 18/6 light cycle , the water ph is 6.5, temp 28c/ h 70% , day 22 since sprout
the plant got stunt from the soil which resulted slow growth
then it started growing healthy and green, but just not very fast
at day number 16 i noticed yellow color on the tip of the first leaves, the next day i saw the next leaves also having yellow color at the tip of it,and its start to curling , and a few days after it's getting worst, if i was sure this soil is the reason, can i flush or replant it ?

the 3 plants are at diffrent age the picture shows the biggest one, and i don't want them to die, even if i get small harvest i'm ok with it,
plant 1
r/microgrowery - Constant droopy leaves, these girls will die?

plant 2
really need better pics to diagnose anything
and what soil are you using / did you mix it?
and this is the secound and 3rd plants

this didn't stretch like the first plant but also not looking great, super slow at day 21 since sprout


3rd plant


They are all stunt from the soil i guess, but the question is what to do now? flush? replant?
Hello start again as auto are on clock you dont get much time to sort them out as the clock counts down you will just end up short stunted plants which wont give you a good harvest
Hello start again as auto are on clock you dont get much time to sort them out as the clock counts down you will just end up short stunted plants which wont give you a good harvest
for now i don't want a big harvest, this is my first grow and it was aimed to learn only, i want to understand what exactly happened and why and how i can possibly fix it and prevent it in the future
also the third plant is less than week old

Hello if you fill this out it will help to sort the problem's out

Medium/grow method:

Feed: and supplements used:

water source:


light used:


Additional info:
Medium/grow method: super soil + compost + bat guano + earthworm +
(i didn't know at the beginning but now i know that it was way too hot for theses babies)
still i made a hole and filled it up with super soil only, which contanis this in the picture which is too hot also for autos:crying:
r/Autoflowers - Some help regarding meduim for autoflower

Feed: and supplements used:
nothing but the soil mix ( i wanted to water when dry only)

water source: tab water phed 6.5

Strain/age:gorilla glue auto\ 22 day's since sprout

light used:

Amazon product
800w* on veg
31" from the plant

Climate: 25c - 30c \ humidity 50% 75%

Additional info:

It was slow from the beginning, this pic was at day 10
r/Autoflowers - plant1

after few day's i guess it adapted to the soil and started to recover .... grow and stretch up! while the other 2 plants growing very slow

few day's passed and the first leaves start to swallow and look yellow while the top leaves was still look okay and healthy
but the second set of leaves also started to have yellow tips and it feels swallow today! , i'm not sure why it went from recovering to dying suddenly! ,
the other 2 plants are in the same soil mix but they are younger
one at day 15
and one at day 6
they look dark green and seems very stunted
i have some seedling mix laying around
how i can move them from the 3 gal pot without damaging the root system?
thank you for responding