New Grower Crookdog's "put another shrimp on the Barbie" multiple strain outdoor grow!!!

Feb 23, 2021
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Ok, so here we go again....... Another try for the illustrious cultivators badge.......... Before we get into the Nitty gritty of this grow "big shout out" to all the AFN growmies that truly inspired me with the confidence to do this journal....... you all know who you are!!!!! But just incase you don't I've most probably tagged you in :d5: ...... Thankyou all :pighug:
Tag time....... Sorry if U forget you....... @Kyote @PlatinumGrows @FullDuplex @420Forever @Mossy @YoungGrassh0pper @LoveDaAutos @Zeromitch @Master_gRoshi @mdabber @mohawk warrior @WildBill @Fermented_Fruitz (fucking Mark) :crying:
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Now........ Let's get to it!!!!!!:vibe:

This year I've decided to run a number of different strains so I should at least get one plant all the way to the end:eyebrows: here's my list

All seeds popped really well in my "Super secret seed popping fluid" (jug water) and have now been planted in there "correctly labelled" pots (I'm pretty sure)....... The soil I've used in my pots consists of my home made soil mix, small amount of perlite and some quality potting mix....... Note the density of my soil...... It's seems to dirty for growing weed however the scorching summer's here require a substrate that can retain more moisture, on the plus side the super sun MAKES SHIT GROW!!!!!


I have intentionally left my growing medium very mild this year far as nutrients go as I intend on force feeding these girls with my favourite outdoor nutrient (probably unknown to any of you as it's an Aussie product) GROW RESEARCH........

I will update this thread with more specific information on each strain as they break ground......... Thanks again everyone:pass:
Are suggestions welcome or are you wanting to do this all on your own? In case they are welcome I will share something a very good friend of mine who grows exclusively outdoors says is a must in really hot sunny locations. If he used black pots he wraps them in burlap to shade them from the hot sun or else the sun will dry out the soil very quickly in the black pots especially smaller ones.