Dutch Automatic. Purple pheno or something wrong?


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May 18, 2017
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I am growing a Bubba Kush auto and some Dutch Automatic. All plants behave normal but I have one plant that turned purple/black.

It started with a few leaves a couple of weeks ago, but as you can see she almost totally turned purple/black.

I'l first post a pick of her sisters (Dutch Automatic). They germinated the same day, all grew outdoors in the same conditions, got the same lights and nutrients and soil and more or less the same pot type. In fact hers (the purple one) is a pot that's even bigger than her sisters. So maybe to much nutrients?
Although I have been very strict with nutes and, imo, I didn't gave them to much. But I am a begginer.

I read something of plants turning purple if it gets cold, but we had nice summer weather for weeks, so that can't been the reason I guess.

Click on the pics to zoom in

1. The normal sisters:

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2. The 'gothic' sister :)

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There is something wrong obviously, cos the buds are clearly less dense and smaller on the gothic sister.
:toke: hey mate! I think you have one, maybe two things happening here,.. the purple coloring could be just a phenotype variant, which Bubba does have in her heritage,... I think you have a definite P defc. issue, not bad, but enough to reduce the bud density and cause lower than usual bud:leaf ratio,... limited light can contribute to this as well,.. do they get full days Sun, or how many hours of partial?
I think I was a bit unclaer about the strain.
The plant with purple leaves is _not_ a Bubba Kush (don't know why I mentioned her) but a Dutch Automatic just like her sisters.
She's been getting the same sun, water and nutes as her sisters. Her pot is even bigger.

I've cut down her sisters yesterday and they are drying now and I've put Mrs. Purple in the greenhouse since we will getting some nasty rainfall the next coming days.

I'll harvest her when I see enough amber in her trichs.

I'm trying to make a sleeping tincture from all of the ladies so I'm going for some amber trichomes, especially since her sisters and the Bubba Kush Auto were cut a bit to soon cos they were starting to rot here and there [emoji53]
Nb. All the plants were growing outside and we got quiet a lot of sunshine the past 3 months.