Outdoor Fast buds gelato

First time orgainic grower here . Looking for some feedback.
9 days since seeds went in the jiffy pellets
6 days above ground
3 days in final pots
Seeds. Fast buds
Strain gelato
Soil 25% perlite 50% compost/moss peat mix 20% worm castings in a 9 little fabic pot. I have the 25% worm castings in the bottom of the pot then the rest of the mix on top.


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Also they have been indoors since seed as garden work going on longer than expected but they should be out in the small green house on Thursday
Just about to soak one of these for an indoor run. Like, seriously, I’m taking a break from preparing the container and soil as I type this. I probably won’t document it here, or anywhere, as I’m terrible at that stuff. But I’ll be watching yours with interest!
you don't need them domes on bro there mainly used for clones i only put them on for say a day also these will be going outdoors in a few days