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Aug 21, 2020
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Hi to all the AFN's out there in interwebs land, this will be my first journal on here I've been kicking around lurking and learning for a couple of years now so it's this journal is well overdue. Let's hope I've soaked in enough know how from the amazing growers on here to not totally cock it up.

The strain will be Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies X 2. This strain was my choice for my very first grow and even though I made a load of mistakes and thoroughly fried them beyond belief they still gave me a respectable and very smokable tasty harvest. So let's revisit this amazing vigorous auto strain and hopefully give them the justice they deserve.

Setup :
Medium is Hy-gen Coco/perlite 70/30, comes prewashed and buffered with added myco
Pots are 5 gallon fabrics
They'll be under a T5 in the propagation for about a week and then spend their next 4-5 weeks in a 3x3x5 tent and them move up to a 4x4x8 to finish flowering.
The exhaust system services both the larger tents. I use 6 inch ducting with 3 inline 6 inch exhaust fans, the first fan pulls air into the 3x3 through a phresh intake filter, second fan transfers air from 3x3 into the 4x4 and the last fan pulls through a 6 inch carbon filter and exhausts the system out the window.
In the 3x3 I'm running a 260 V2 RSPEC HLG QB. In the 4x4 things get a little juicier with a HLG 600 R and 2 X 250 watt cob/diode light Bars.

There's other bits n pieces that run in the setup but I'll cover that as we go.

Seeds were dropped into wet paper towels tonight. I sterilise the tub first and wet the towels with bottled/RO water. Tub gets wrapped with a t-shirt and put in a warm place. 48 hours later we'll have a look and see where things are at.


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I will tag along bro this was also my first fastbuds strain i ever grew and surprisingly i did very well out of it anyhow wishing tons of luck from the canna gods
Thanks for coming along for the ride @St. Tom let's hope it's a memorable one.

Yes the GSC was a great intro to the amazing genetics that FB put out, I've grown a few other of their strains since then and loved them all.
It's officially day 2 from seed so I checked on the sprouts 48 hours after and we have 2 tails about an inch long.

They get a dusting with myco and then go into grodan blocks that are soaked in bottled water and Aloevate at 1ml per litre. I give the blocks a bit of squeeze to get the excess water out and then I plant the babies with their heads just poking out.

Was planning to start them under a T5 fluro in a small propagating tent but it's packed away and I'm too knackered to be bothered setting it up tonight. So straight in the vege tent they go, nestled between 2 blue monkeys. The 260 watt Rspec is on full blast but it's a good 3.5 foot away so they should be right.

I look forward to following along. I have a GSC from another breeder just starting out. She's in a root riot plug in a hempy solo cup right now (day 2 above ground) and will be in a 2 gallon hempy bucket once she establishes herself for a week or so in the solo.

Good luck!
I grew one not long ago. It was amazing. Best of luck.
Welcome @Uro and @Carve, great to have you along. The GSC is a great strain with a well deserved rep. For me I was impressed by the sativa stretch and node spacing but she still has indica bud density. And in its auto form she still maintains a lot of the photo parent phenos. Great uplifting high too, Just a great strain all round.

Will be interesting to see how I go with them this time, I'm keen to see how the knowledge I've picked up over the first 2 years of growing will improve my results.
Moved the little girls into their cloth pots a few days ago. I was going to go with 5 gals but decided to try 3 gals instead.

I'm hoping the GSC's in the 3 gals will catch up to these Blue monkeys in the front of the tent running in 5 gals. I ran a have a couple of blackberry autos in 2 gal pots running in the flower tent next to some Ultimates in 5 gals. The ultimates were planted 4 to 5 weeks earlier but the berries have pretty much caught up and will all be chopped around the same time. Root space can have a big influence over the time it takes for autos to finish so I'm keen to experiment and figure out the right size pots to run so I can max out the efficiency of my setup.

We are at 2 weeks from seed today and not much action going on. I soaked the pots after transplant with the Aloevate and Supernatural root stimulant from sensi-pro + some myco. Then I've been feeding them about 2 cups of the same mix daily.

They look small compared to what you are used to seeing for 2 week old plants and I don't expect much growth until week 4. This is just how the plants run in my setup not sure why it is but they start off very slow at the beginning then pickup pace on weeks 5 and 6 and usually run a total of at least 10-12 weeks or more. I'm never disappointed with the end result but can't really figure out why they stage so differently than other auto grows I've seen online.

I am still very much a beginner cultivator so if anybody sees anything out of place please sing out.


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Been a hectic couple of weeks so this update is a bit late. These pics were actually taken about 5 days ago so I'll try and get some pics with another log tonight or tomorrow.

So 1st of September the girls were looking hungrier than my (once a day if their lucky) hand feeding can keep up with so I made the call and hooked them up on the automated feed. Thing is the same res tank will be feeding the 5 week old blue monkeys that are heading into preflower so my 3 week old girl scouts are gonna get a bit of a jump up in EC. Before hand over the week I had been hand watering them with 1ml A and 1 ml B per litre of the Green Diamond base nutes, with 2ml aloevate and 1 ml supernatural root stim. Using tap water with starting ec of 0.2 and about 0.7 after nutes.

So since about the 1st of this month I put them on the main res and everything is looking pretty good so far. Feeds are now at 2ml per litre of the base nutes with the 2ml Aloevate and 1ml supernatural. Because I'm feeding the other going into flower on the same tank the GSC are also getting 1ml per litre of the PK additive. Adding into the 0.2 ec tap water this gives me a finished EC of 1.4. I might be making a mistake here but I think this strain can handle it and if I over do it I'll learn from it so all good.