Germinating Seeds

Nov 26, 2020
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I’ve got lots of seeds all about 5/6 years old.

Recently put a Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarine auto and Dinafem XL Cheese auto in paper towel to pop.

4 days in the Cream Mandarine popped it’s shell and I planted it.
7 days has passed now and nothing from the XL Cheese auto.

Any tips to help germinate old seeds please?
Lite scuffing with fine sandpaper. Tape/glue it to inside of small box, put seeds in, give a bit of a shake for 10 or 20 seconds. Busts the hard glaze and makes it easier for moisture to seep in.
Also I would soak them in warm distilled water until you see the little white root come out and transfer them to a wet towel for a day. Then put them in the ground.
With seeds that old the germination rate will probably be hit or miss.
Looks like the answers have been covered. Cream mandarine is a heck of a strain. Hope that turns out well for you. Can definitely hit 10 plus with it if got her dialed in. with very little pheno variation. Of the 3 I grown and the 2 my buddies grown they were done about 12.5 weeks. Moderately heavy feeder. Good luck and happy growing
What is peroxide, why use this and where do you get it please?
hydrogen peroxide, available at any drugstore......H2O2.....some people use it, some don't
Scuff the outside lightly with super fine sand paper. Just roll the sand paper into a tube, put the seeds in and seal both ends with your fingers and shake a bit. Then soak the seeds in mild Kelp and spring water. Kelp has natural Gerberellins. Or get some GA3 and use it at 400 PPM. Gibberellins have a number of effects on plant development. They can stimulate rapid stem and root growth, induce mitotic division in the leaves of some plants, and increase seed germination rates. Soak overnight up to 24 hours then plant 1/2" deep in moist soil. Air Temperature and soil 80°F with RH 60% - 80%.