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Jul 17, 2017
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Hello everyone, Im a 40 something super amazing and handsome guy living up in Ontario. My better half has a licence to grow, so we do. Shesh if we didnt, her meds would cost us 1k a month. yikes!

Canada is going legal next year, and they are totally screwing it up, basically prohibition 2.0.

One of the things they propose is that you must use seeds or clones from a licenced facility.(500$ a grow to us) I have no idea how they plan on enforcing that but I plan to make my own seeds.

Im joining to show our adventures, wins and losses, give and receive tips and hopefully make a few friends along the way.

We are allowed 25 total, so cloning is out, autos are in, and I get 5 of the 25 to constantly make seed.

I plan to make some grow journals for you guys.

Hope to see you all around,

hi and welcome :pass:
need a big tent for 25 plants,could be a problem for most.
have a good look around tons to see,if you get lost pop into live stoners to get pointed the right way.
good luck.
Hi archie, we have 3 rooms, 9x9x7, 9x9x8 and 9x12x10, my little seed room 5x5x10

we dont need tents i dont think, all rooms are 4-5 grows certified ;)
i should continue, the 9x12x10 room is not being used atm, also the 5x5x10 only had 1 run through it (1lb tho cheers). we have been fighting mites all year, we always did a rotation, harvest every 2 weeks, but to finally get rid of all mites we are flowering everything atm. hitting them with halapeno sauce ;)

we will start fresh with all autos in 7 weeks (allowes 3 weeks for full scrub/clean)
Welcome! You've chosen the right place to land... helpful, friendly people, and a sh#@ ton of knowledge! Haven't seen a troll yet... sit back and take a toke, your among friends here.
Welcome! Do have an idea what strains you will be using? Will you be making crosses as well? Fems or regs? Lol.. Sorry for the questionnaire but I'm super curious! Sounds like this will be an awesome journey!
Hi Prophetiko! i am planning on seeding fem autos, batch underway is photo greencrack from cropking. next is dark devil auto, tranny is 3 days old. I also have but in no particular order: Purple kush auto from canuk seeds. critical mass from canuk seeds. auto gorrila OG from shortstuff seeds. cheese auto from canuk. amnesia haze auto from canuk seeds, and dark devil auto. yes i did just do a order from canuk seeds, why do you ask? lol j/k

i WANT so many more different auto seeds tho, but my better half stops me at the wallet!