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Dec 31, 2016
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What amount of light leak into a tent causes hermies?
I have a 3x3x6 tent with tiny holes , I covered most of them, but the flap with zipper in front doesn't cover the zipper area, so it has light that leaks through.
Does any minimal amount of light leaking in cause issues? This is the 2nd diff strain I've grown in here and both have developed the tiny bananas in some spots....

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I'll let the experts give you a 100% though. I don't think it is a big of a deal with autos. I have small light leeks all over my cheap ass tent. No hermes!
Forgot to say this is a reg seed, my b

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--- it varies strain to strain, so it's a dice roll as to how badly it affects them, some may not show much at all, others may react poorly!... also, the strength of the light leak is a big factor,...
The holes are tinyyyy. It may be my own fault. I took off many fans leaves at random times, sometimes ripping the skin in the string for by accident , super cropped 2 weeks into flowering, that could be it?

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maybe,.. combined stresses can cause nanners to form,... I've seen lots of supercropping done in bloom as a last resort to reduce height, and they were fine,.... but also, some strains are notorious for throwing nanners out easily as well!
Around 200lux is the bottom hermie causing border

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Is 200 a lot?
I ended up just taking out the little bananas. Seem to be good besides that

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