How fast does cannabis respond to a flush in coco

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May 5, 2017
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I looked at my girls today and they were showing some strange new growth, i assume it was from a high PH. Faulty ph-meter. Decided to flush the girls. Is it possible that the girls can respond in just 1-2 hours to the better? I can imagine that you see a change after 12-24 hours, but 1-2 hours? Is it possible?
Tried google this but i could not find a answer. In a chat this could be answered easy... no need for a new thread.

I can also say i just started to bottomfeed the girls... could it be that the roots isnt established in the bottom and the upper roots didnt get enough water/feed?

The health of the plants is not so important, its not why i ask, i ask as they look better allready, and its not even gone 2 hours. I like to learn.

Does cannabis grown in coco respond this quickly?

Im a fresh fish when it comes to coco/hydro so im happy with all answers.
Thanks @archie gemmill . Checked the link but i could not find how fast they should respond. Again, my girls look fine. I just want to know if they can "perk up" after just two hours and be "symptom-free". Then its like magic...
They respond need to check your runoff if you are seeing sumthin wrong..always flush with a low ppm solution..say 300 base...and keep pouring the solution in untill thats what comes out..easy as that..if yur feeding and showing defs and your ppm and ph runoff are good..up the feed a bit..they will tell you exactly wat they want if you know where to look
Hi guys, I'm near finish with my auto duck girl. She is in a very small pot, around one little in size in coco coir. I feed her once a day and always pour allomst 2 litters over her. This means that I do a flush every day.

Do I still need to do the final flush for 1 week., since I do a flush basically every day?

Here is mz auto duck. Photos are 1-2 weeks old, so today she is like one giant center cola with smaller bus arroud.

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