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May 23, 2017
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Hello guys,

I'm just wondering what people consider what is a lot of weed and how much others smoke in comparison to me.

I probably smoke about 3.5g a day, given the opportunity. I can smoke a joint (whatever I have) at 9am and have my last one at 10/11/12... I just smoke joints, no bongs and use half a ciggerete when rolling.

Smoke everyday.. But I do have a couple of times a year at least where I'll have a week off it.

I think I smoke loads, it's expensive in the UK, I know I've spent 1000's on smoke (money will spent) when I first started smoking an 8th at that time was 2.5g and could last me a week... Then that became a couple of days then an 8th was like buying nothing lol

Eventually an 8th became 1.8/2g and the weed became a million times stronger all of a sudden.

I've seen youtube videos where people smoke 5 bongs in one go, doing shatter and eating cakes they made... So I want to get an idea of how much others smoke!!
2 puffs at nighty-night time with a good Indica...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I don't know weight but I smoke about a large canning jar every 3days sometimes if I'm lucky four ,there's no way I could afford that I mean who could so I grow ,but luckily I don't run out cuz if I did I wouldn't feel very good It helps me alot
I break up a a handful of bud at night if it is not enough I break up more. About half a quarter more or less what ever is enough to get the job done
I smoke a half ounce a week with is why i started growing. 100 bucks a half to much! Worth it though for sure

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