How much water do I use to flush?

Sep 1, 2019
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Hey guys,

I am about to start flushing my plants and I was wondering how much water do I have to use for my 10lt and 6lt pots? I ve been watering every other day with 3.5 lt and 2.5 lt when feeding with nutes..
Save the water ...flushing is a a search here....i have flushed and not vegetable farmers flush before harvest? Now that I've said this there will be others who disagree and i respect their opinion....whatever works for you---Placebo effect can be powerful....have fun--you only live once.
Ok guys.. thanks a lot for the quick responses.. I m glad I asked.. peace
Come back and ask questions. I know when I first started, I expected AFN to be like many other forums (both cannabis-related and other) and found out quickly that this is a different place. You'll see growers with years of experience helping the new grower and even asking questions themselves. Very cool community.

BS-free zone. None of that "my Sativa can beat up your Sativa" or "I've been pouring goat piss on my plants at week 3 for 35 years and you're an idiot if you don't do it too" nonsense - or damn little of it.