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Sep 7, 2017
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@Ripper Excuse the intrusion from a newbie. (well, at least at growing) Phil at kindsoil suggested I contact you, (somewhat strange since his section is closed here) in regard to some bugs on my grow room floor. (40' shipping container) He said you might direct me to some growers that could answer question of what bugs these are, and possibly where they came from. They don't seem to damage girls, at least not above ground, in fact rarely see them on plants, just on the floor. And I see considerably fewer on recent cool mornings, than during hot afternoon.
Thanks, txncanna


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@Waira any idea what these are? Do you need a close up?
Looks like they are dynastinae.
:woohoo1:*ding ding ding*!! :cooldance: ... and the weiner is: Duggy! :rofl: ...good eye mate, I'm pretty sure these are weevils too,.. but a close pic is needed to be sure! generally, they aren't a problem for the plants or roots, mostly they are threats to grains,... but they are still vermins, so try to find out where they are coming in from,...not sure pesticide you can safely use that kills and prevents them from coming in,... beetles are tougher to kill than other common canna' pests, so check labels on safe pesticides first to see if it's effective against them,.. likely, a pyrethrum product will work,....
Wow! Thanks for the help folks! I'll see if I can get a better close-up. But can't figure if they came with ocean forest, (over kindsoil) or eggs were in floorboards, or came in from outside. If from outside, it's the only bug that has done so. None others except the black spider Henrietta. Last two mornings were in the 50s rather than 70s and that seems to have almost eradicated them. Room temp, 68 to 76. Yeah, learned already, will likely try cocoloco next time.
1st photo shows them at about 1/8" to 3/16" long
One finally stood still for a good portrait...


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positively a weevil,...
With cool weather reducing their numbers, and apparently no harm to plants,
I see no need to poison, just sweep up and toss back outside. (?)
Guessing their indigenous and didn't just come out of floorboards of container.
Strange that they are the only bug to get in.