Ideal grow room temps for cobs

My temps stay about 79-82 under 450w at the wall of LED. Plants seem to like it, I have good airflow which helps a good deal. :headbang:
Ok thanks for the info just a little concerned having it to warm for the cobs!
I am utilizing 4 cobs (4x4 tent) at the moment and keep my tent about 74-81 degrees. Those two temps are the coolest and hottest. I am finding that my plants like cobs at differing heights. Current run is 22", for the most part anyway.
Well have green crack and gorilla glue running and have to have temperature at 80f min otherwise the leaves droop?
From what I have read and learned right around the 80 degree mark at 50% RH is spot on for led and soilless mix High porosity. HPS was 75 to 78 degrees was the sweet spot for the same soilless mix but that was due to the heat they through off.
I have read that plants under white light cobs/quantum boards enjoy higher temps and also use more cal/mag. I am planning to run my grow hotter than usual with extra cal/mag from the start.