Mephisto Genetics July 3rd Limited Release!!


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Sep 12, 2018
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Limited Edition Release - July 3rd, 2023

  • Creme-Tasmo
  • Deez Nuggs
  • Sweet ‘n’ Sour
  • Orange Biscuits
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Genetic Heritage: Creme de la Chem x Fantasmo Express

Seed Type: F3 Feminised Automatic

Project Introduction and Overview

2018 was a smash-hit year for our Illuminautos; with all but one of those ten strains (so far!) added back into our catalogue through either our Limited Editions or Reserva lines, and Creme-Tasmo is the latest strain to get the Heinrich Kemmler treatment.
Creme-Tasmo flew a little low under the radar on its initial release, struggling to contend with the heavy-hitting names of that year's drop such as Purple Nuggets, Ghost Toof and Jammy Dodgers. But she garnered a cult following, with multiple requests across socials to bring her back into the catalogue and, after a few ‘management meetings’ (I’m pretty sure it counts as that if it’s a Zoom call, right?) of us combing through the back catalogue and reminiscing on our favourite smokes, someone mentioning Creme-Tasmo was like a lightbulb moment. Just like Céline Dion taught us, there were moments of gold and there were flashes of light, it’s all coming back to us now. Creme-Tasmo retains the strength of smell and flavour of her Creme de la Chem parentage, with intense spice and fuel combined with the fragrant lemon-haze of her Fantasmo stock, she won’t be a sleeper hit this time, but a full-force Meat Loaf power-ballad remake.

Strain Behaviour and Structure

Creme-Tasmo is the union of two Mephisto Genetics strains at opposite ends of the spectrum of growing and smoking options taken from our unique family of autoflowering strains. However, it doesn’t adulterate either parent strain, in fact, it makes a supremely tasty combination. Developing this strain from the initial F1 cross through to F3 we’ve been breeding to lock down a cultivar that produces a trainable and vigorous growth pattern taking more influence from the sativa nature of Fantasmo Express but also has the heavyset flower structure of our chubby chonkster girl Creme de la Chem. Taking influence from Sir Mix a-Lot’s description, Creme-Tasmo can certainly be put in the group of ‘baby got back’ from the Mephisto collection, her flowers get especially thick in late flower so make sure your ventilation game is on point. She develops a sweet danky perfume that intensifies throughout her grow cycle. Creme-Tasmo is a most excellent nominee for extraction work, as she coats her flowers in resin, often creating hash rails along fan leaf edges.


Genetic Heritage: Strawberry Nuggets x Orange Diesel

Seed Type: F3 Feminised Automatic

Project Introduction and Overview

Our take on the classic Strawberry Diesel; Deez Nuggs started life as Illuminauto #37 and she holds a special place in Brad’s heart, being the first strain he ever grew solo on the farm after joining Mephisto Genetics in 2017.
Deez Nuggs as a concept was born almost 7 years ago when Strawberry Nuggets and Orange Diesel were in the early project stages, we had ‘DEEZ NUGGS’ marked on our project board from the very start. For her initial release, we used pollen from a selected batch of our F3 parent plants, Strawberry Nuggets labelled ‘Gyal dem ting’ and Orange Diesel marked ‘Big gyal’. We don’t normally selectively breed for our Illuminauto strains, we usually pick strains that are what we might term our ‘standard examples’ so that our F1 crosses don’t spring too many surprises on us when they’re grown out. But there was so much excitement about finally making this cross, specially selected a Mitch’s Pick of each variety only seemed fair. Now that she’s finally back and available again, we can’t recommend this strain enough for all lovers of cannabis cultivation.

Strain Behaviour and Structure

Deez Nuggs typically runs as a squat and stout cultivar, some growers can coax a medium-sized bush out of her, but we like to think of Deez Nuggs in the Mephisto HQ as one of our ultimate head stash varieties. To max out yield they can be positioned at higher densities than usual to create an even canopy, absolutely riddled with chunky nuggsites. She can be topped and LST’d however we’ve found the best way is to just periodically leaf tuck during the vegetative stage to encourage the secondaries. Where Deez Nuggs really gets on song, however, is she’s a proper terpene dream, emitting beautiful aromas; a magnificent concoction of gas, fruit, orange and strawberries all smashed together. Talking of smashing, Deez Nuggs ranks incredibly high on our scale as an outright resin factory, she’s amazing to wash or squash and returns generously. We’ve been itching to progress Deez Nuggs from the F1 Illuminauto from a few years ago to the F3 Limited so more customers can experience her as she’s certified primo top-shelf chronic.


Genetic Heritage: Toof Decay x Sour Stomper

Seed Type: F3 Feminised Automatic

Project Introduction and Overview

Choosing to combine two of our most unique, flavourful and frosty strains back in 2018 to create Illuminauto #31 turned out to be the masterstroke we knew it would be. Like the Ronseal of the Mephisto catalogue, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Not exactly the succulent Chinese meal you might expect, instead, she’s sweet and fruity, with a sour tang making her the perfect nightcap strain or suppertime dessert.
Sour Stomper is such a standout strain in the catalogue, with its unique growth structure, layerings of frost and ice, and strong grape scent. We wanted to make a cross that could enhance some of these features, doubling the grape with a grapefruit, blueberry and fruit punch sweetness, while retaining a tang and twang with her Sour Crack lineage. A delight for any indica lover out there who wants a mouth full of flavour with every pull.

Strain Behaviour and Structure

Sweet ‘n’ Sour in typical Mephisto Genetics fashion is a frosty frosty little madam! She grows with nice vigour, displaying a nice blend of indica and sativa traits and has the potential to stack rapidly to produce an array of long colas. Alternatively, she can be heavily trained to produce a flat blanket of sparkling buds. Sweet ‘n’ Sour starts producing frost early on, and her aromas will take you on a journey throughout the grow. Ranging from floral, to sweet, progressing to more outright fruity guavas with a pinch of sourness. The bud-to-leaf ratio of Sweet ‘n’ Sour is frankly exceptional, so whilst big yields are possible, don’t be worried about a stint in trim jail, it’ll be more akin to a short stay in a white-collar prison with tennis courts and day release.


Genetic Heritage: Forum Stomper x Orange Diesel

Seed Type: F3 Feminised Automatic

Project Introduction and Overview:

It’s hard to get much further apart in terms of lineage in our big Mephisto family than with Forum Stomper and Orange Diesel, but combining them has proved a masterstroke, creating what we can only describe as a diesel jaffa cake, heavy on the jaffa. Originally Illuminauto #35, what we wanted to achieve with Orange Biscuits is exactly what we ended up getting; expanding the variety and availability of the relative rarity of Orange Diesel, whilst using the ever-present and strong lineage of Forum Stomper to do so. Forum Stomper has become such a star at the farm, we’ve almost got past the stage of recognising how truly extraordinary she is. Like watching Lionel Messi or Tom Brady every week, their exceptional quality somehow just becomes the norm until they do something that is special even for them, combining her with Orange Diesel has made Orange Biscuits our Lionel Messi hat-trick in El Clásico.

Strain Behaviour and structure:

With positive traits from both parents, the lovely tight bud structure from Orange Diesel and the oodles of sticky frost from our Forum Stomper, Orange Biscuits is a match made in Zion. She grows easily, almost Bane-like resistance levels. The other element with levels to keep in mind is the odour, she’s a straight up carbon filter killah queen; dynamite, no laser beam but still guaranteed to blow your mind. She’s another strain from this limited release that likes to peacock during her fade, displaying a variety of beautiful colours, all the way to hot pink. Just a quick word to the wise, this ain’t the strain to sleep on.