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Dec 26, 2015
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Apologies for dissapearing for a while but I've had one hell of a time and been so busy I ditched a run of plants between the Auto Gorilla OG and the plants I have here due to not being able to tend to them. Killed a few seedlings in the propagator trying to get going again too.....the stunted one I have in soil survived one attempt and the ones in NFT are the result of trying again....and again!

The plants I grow in soil will likely be extremely small as I still seem to be hopeless at that and if I stick to my maintenance schedule the ones in NFT will hopefully be extremely big for the strain.

Anyway, I now have a 600W dual spectrum HPS in a cool tube and 4 young plants.....



Sweet Seeds Green Poison Auto looking a little droopy here but has perked up overnight...

Sweet Seeds Bloody Skunk Auto....


...hoping the side branches start looking useful on that soon. The one I took out of aeroponics and put in soil made it to the end but it was just a long stem with buds.

I think those ones are a couple of weeks old.

My ShortStuff Himalayan Orange Diesel is maybe a week old.....

....and the ShortStuff Auto Green Crack is the one I stunted in the propagator. It's probably about 3 weeks old.


And I also have this to use too.....


....gonna set that up on the shorter side of my room and get some plants under it soon.
hey kush glad to see you gettin back on your feet mate. sounds like a dramatic one. onwards and upwards though eh
: ). ive just started trying to teach 2 of my mates to do nft.... so far out of about 12 plants, none of them have made it passed the rockwool stage. the pair of them are a nightmare lol. ill be subbing up as always man. lets get some monsters on the go! : ):growing:
hey kush glad to see you gettin back on your feet mate. sounds like a dramatic one. onwards and upwards though eh
: ). ive just started trying to teach 2 of my mates to do nft.... so far out of about 12 plants, none of them have made it passed the rockwool stage. the pair of them are a nightmare lol. ill be subbing up as always man. lets get some monsters on the go! : ):growing:

At least family life has been fine bud.....biggest problem left to sort out now is work stuff and get my head back to a happy place where it can concentrate on important stuff like growing weed and taking pictures.

The soil one I've decided might be having problems with the root riot block drying out too much in the soil so once I have the hydro ones hogging all the good places under the HPS I'll fire up the LED and get a seed straight in soil and hope that works a bit better than the hydro rejects. Current thinking is leave my 4th NFT tray empty until a few weeks before I get one down and leave the aeroponics until the water and the dark period gets colder.

Could do with popping round to see one of my mates as I started his first autos for him......think it's his first go at hydro too but last I heard they were going nuts in his aeroponics system.:smoking:
haha is that you still pretending soils worth learning to grow in lol. why not replace it with coco, your nutes should be suited for it anyway are they not? im currently enjoying week 7 of unemployment, its great : ) got nothing to do other than play in my garden and fart about on the guitar. getting a bit too used to it though so be back at work soon enough. i went and got another 205 but think im just gonna stick to growing one at a time from now on. 2 of my current project just wouldnt fit now that i know what im doing lol .
Aye, still would like to get the hang of growing things in soil by hand....and then maybe autopots.....and then maybe coco......

If anything it limits the number of res changes and how much water I need to lug about and lets me fit in a bit more variety.

Anyway, Green Poison Auto has decided to fire out a bunch of tops.....


Can't think of anything I did to cause that but if this ends up a bit shorter and bushier than the other Sweet Seeds strains I've grown so far I wouldn't mind.

Bloody Skunk Auto side shoots looking more promising by the day, although I think this is still going to be a tall one.....


The soil one is moving slowly and the Himalaya Orange Diesel is still looking a bit like a giant seedling. Hopefully a sign of things to come as the first time I ran that it was a late addition to my room and I think it can do well over 200g or whatever I got (230g and I'll be happy this time).


The last one of those was like smoking a glass of fresh orange juice......mmmmmmm:jointman:

Enjoy the rest while you can bud. I had a couple of years a while back I called practicing for retirement before I ran out of money and had to get another job. I think I'll be good at being retired.....shame it's still decades away:haha:

Been an OK week other than having to switch my light off and switch pumps to whisper mode for most of a day. Fresh growth looked a little pale after that but I've left the light on since.

The HOD is still on about quarter strength IONIC hydro grow pH'd to 5.5 and now I'm starting to see pH drift up in the active res I'll go for half strength nutes on the next res change in a couple of days. The soil one still isn't doing a lot....


Green Poison Auto looking like she might need a wee lift up so that's another job for the next res change....and probably rearrange the pots so the ones lifted up are at the back.


Camera seems to not want to focus today.....maybe using it as an action cam for DH MTBing wasn't the best idea!:smoking:

Bloody Skunk Auto looks like she's found her feet and about to stride out.....


Better pics if a few days hopefully:pass:
heya,good to have you back pal.
im still trying to get the hang of growing in soil to.
pug 205 ? my mates 205 mad had 26 of them.

got this few weeks ago £40 argos its more or less a go pro.
good luck n keep er lit.
nice one @archie gemmill ......might have to get some GTI stickers for my 205s now:smoking:

I've got a GoPro but it's no use as the video is all jerky and it might as well not have a microphone. Vids from Sony cameras seems to hold up better over bumps and twisty turnies through the trees....miles smoother and much less likely to induce nausea when viewed online:rofl: Will get one of their action cams to play with one of these days.

Been another crap week.....car broke down, left it somewhere, returned to find it vandalised.... seems to be about par for the course with how things have been going for me lately so apologies if I sound a little hacked off at times. Weeks this crap got old months ago.

Still, fuck it. Plants are coming on, I fixed the car for free and I'm going to get a different one ASAP anyway.

handlebar mount ? dont think much can be done,even with big forks.i had a look at settings and turned on dis.digital image stabilization,with a chest or head mount is tons better.im no DHer though a single speed 29er with big fat slicks or a road bike.once it goes in that clear case can hear next to nothing.
car trouble is enough to get anyone down,a bust mirror or foot print is just extra shit nobody wants to find.so no excuse needed.
good you can at least get from A to B again.and i see flowers a perpetual grow,so not all bad.
keep er lit
Aye bud, that stabilisation stuff is one of the reasons I use the Sony compact on a chest mount....along with more processing power and less destructive compression when writing files. Suspect it stands little chance in a crash though.

Not been out much lately but when I can it's mostly trail centre stuff but I still like the open hillside stuff. A couple of weeks back I went but never even got the first section down before it was game over due to an injured party and then found out that when you turn up to a busy waiting room bleeding you get seen first. All part of the fun I guess......and it's not the first time somebody has crashed badly in the first few minutes...and probably not the last!:smoking:

Time for a quick res change on the HOD......1.something on the EC with IONIC hydro grow and pH down to 5.5. Then prep more water for the next change on the others.