Indoor #MarsHydro420Giveaway Prize Journal - 2 x 2 and TS600 - Mephisto's Mango Sky


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Dec 14, 2020
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- Mango Sky

- Mars Hydro 2x2 Tent I won from the #MarsHydro420Giveaway
- x2 Genesis 6inch clip fans in the tent
- Hoping to leave the tent door open after Day 7, so I wont need an exhaust fan. Tent is in my 10 x 10 grow room

-Mars Hydro TS600

- 20/4. I currently have the light set at it's highest point in the tent.

Starting Tap Water:
- 7.8 pH & 170 ppm on average.

- Cloud Coir 50/50 coco perlite

- Megacrop 1 part

- Green Nutrients Sea Kelp
- Bud Explosion
- Recharge

- 3Gal Rain Science Bag

- Accurite Hygrometer
- Apera Instruments PH20 Instrument
- Cheap TDS Meter

Summary: What's going on y'all :smoking: . I'm back with another grow journal, but this one is special to me. Not only did I win this awesome tent and light FOR FREE (big shout out to @Marshydro once again for their continued dedication to this community. They host kick ass giveaways and offer amazing products at a great price!), but I will be doing this journal with the help of my wife. She's never grown before and would like to try her own plant from start to finish some day, so she will be helping me with nute feedings and training! I'm excited to share my passion with my wife, as well as share the experience with you guys :headbang:.

I followed the same prep method I followed from my previous journal, which is soaking my pot with 4L of dechlorinated tap water and Recharge ph'd at 6.0. I placed the pot in the tent to get acclimated to the temps overnight. I also soaked a seed in water overnight also. The next day I planted the seed and watered with 50ML of water using a Turkey Baster. I also used a clear solo cup to increase the humidity. The light gives off a decent amount of heat in the tent, so the cup has been a big help. There are holes cup in the cup so the little lady can breathe. She is now at Day 6, looking good! Due to the heat in the tent, I've been feeding her 500ml of Dechlo tap water and Recharge to keep her from drying out. I started that on Day 4. This week has been a bit hectic for me, so sorry for the late journal! I should be more frequent when it comes to the updates. Tagging a few people that may want to tag along. @Need4Weed @PlatinumGrows @Master_gRoshi @Kyote @Jaydot @Fermented_Fruitz/Mark
Happy Growing Fam! :thanks::vibe::headbang::smoking:

Photos coming in separate post from my iPad shortly.
:pop: Good luck with your grow :greenthumb: and congrats on winning the gear! :d5::pass:
:pop: Good luck with your grow :greenthumb: and congrats on winning the gear! :d5::pass:
Appreciate it, bro! Hope things are getting better on your end! Thank you for the rep :smoking:
Day 12: Photos and Nute Feed

The little lady is finally starting to chug along! I think she was really struggling with the high heat. Once she was old enough, I opened the tent door to let her get acclimated to the grow room. She’s been growing ever since. She’s on the same Nute feed schedule as my other plants (~550ppm of MC/.5 tsp of Sea-K at 5.8ph in 5gal of water). she’s currently getting 600ml of nutes, just enough to start runoff.

I will start giving her more updates on my end. Have a feeling she’s going to be special :smoking: