medical access to cannabis in the UK

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Feb 23, 2014
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next tuesday 10th oct Paul Flynn MP for Newport West will raise a ten min rule bill in the houses of parliament.

if you in London and at a loose end,pop along and see whats happening.

and in other parts of the UK

On October 10th Gareth Tuff, a man who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis will take to the steps of Stormont Castle in protest at the lack of access to cannabis on the NHS.
Gareth will ‘break the law’ (as if it wasn’t already broken)! This protest has came as a result of MP Paul Flynn calling on people who consume cannabis for medicinal reasons to break the law regarding cannabis.

Join Gareth on the 10th of October at 12.00 – 3pm to show your support against the system that picks and chooses who gets access to a life changing plant.

This is Gareths story:

“My name is Gareth Tuff, I and many more like me need your support!

Paul Flynn MP will raise a Ten-Min Rule Bill for medical access to cannabis on October 10th 2017, and he has invited us to BREAK THE LAW!

On October 2011 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and told “it’s not a death sentence” but they missed a part, “it’s a life sentence”.
In the 6 years that followed, I have endured 17 relapses that took me from walking to the chair in which I now live, from stroking the faces of my 2 children, to not being able to lift my arms and open my hands. From being able to laugh, to having an expression on my face like a stern headmaster.

I am prescribed Opioids (Codeine) Benzodiazepine (Diazepam-Blues, street name) Lyrica, Pre-Gabblin (Buds-slang street name). These are but a few, and we are asked to take them every day! Plus I have a drug (tysabri) coursing through my veins that at any time could turn my brain into liquid putty, this is called Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML).

Every drug I have named above carries a danger of addiction, chronic abuse, psychosis and mental Illness,,,,,,,,did I mention they are all legal!

For my relapses I am prescribed strong dosages of steroid, Methylprednisolone.
It alters you in ways I can’t even describe. Let me put it this way, when I am taking it and someone says “Are you Gareth today?”I reply “No!I’m something else”.
My family make me my breakfast, they kindly pour me a drink of grapefruit juice, “NO!”I yell, “why not?”comes the reply, “did you not know that grapefruit juice can cause SERIOUS medical complications, or DEATH!!!” While on steroids!

On Tuesday the 10th of October at 12am I shall be found sitting in my chair at the steps of Stormont. I can not promise you anything other than the probability of a cold dank wet windy day, but I will be their with my little placard strapped to my chair.
Come and join me, say hello! Do you own a guitar? Bring it! No matter what it is, come along and let’s send a message to these politicians!

I will have my family by my side showing how every day I’m forced into.

i dont do social media so i know nothing of the details.sorry if ya want to know youl hada do your own homework.i barely do instagram,its a if im really that bored at work kinda thing.

so i have booked a day off work and hope to make it along to the big city.
no doubt youll see me cup before you see me,so if you do say hello.
keep er lit.