Nearly half way through flower then started stretching again? - pics

May 2, 2020
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Have an interesting situation. A few weeks ago I moved three Autos from my outdoor hydro to indoors just as they started to show signs of flowering.
(Botrytis wiped out my outdoor grow because the weather has been harsh and very difficult to work with).

They're now indoors in DWC 5 gallon buckets:: 2 x 4 tent, 310Watts lighting @ 18/6, 74f -83f degrees, 60% humidity, GH floranova 700ppm @ 6.0ph, good airflow and ventilation. They've been going strong.

They're now about 3.5 weeks into flower, but a couple days ago it suddenly appeared like they were stretching again (from the top of the colas). Each to their own degree. Almost as thought they are flowering all over again.

I wasn't sure what to make of this- if they were going back into veg for whatever reason or maybe they're going to pack on more flower sites?
On 8/20 I decided to add shooting-powder to just one of them to see if it would push it along (Plant 1 photo). The other two I have left alone, and I am going to observe. I have not added extra nitrogen or changed anything environmental up to this point to cause stretch to any of them. I have never had this happen in the middle of flowering.

I am only having this reaction because the stretch seems to have come out of nowhere. It may also be nothing at all.
Here are pics:

Plant 1: This plant had the least stretch but has filled out a little more. I added shooting-powder to only this one to see if it would push it along and observe. I don't ever add shooting powder this early.

Plant 2: Of three plants, this one has the most stretch out of the top of colas. There are multiple sites on this plant doing this. I have added nothing extra to this plant.

Plant 3: I have also added nothing extra to this plant. I defoliated very slightly to get more light into it because it just grew into a bush.

Ps. I apologize if I didn't explain properly. I'm putting this together before I head out the door to work.

Thanks for any feedback!
Is that a type of "foxtailing" from when the colas get too close to the light?
Probably they started re-vegging because you went from about 12 hours of strong light to 18 hours of light. Maybe if you turned your lights down to 12 hours they would start flowering again. Even though they are autoflowers the photoperiod genetics in these plants can be stimulated by light changes.
Very interesting..... Absolutely no idea..,..... But very interesting :face:
Shooting powder is for the end of flowering to push the plant a little more. Tossing it in at this early phase is surely going to affect that one.

As for the lighting, they came all this way in the tent @18/6 without issue. They continued to flower and the buds continued to thicken up.
The sudden stretching is what is throwing me off.
I did switch this tent to 12/12 today before I left the house, so we'll see what happens. I do have a second tent on 18/6 with Autos and a couple of those plants are showing preflowers on the 18/6.

I'm very curious what's going on. Maybe it's totally fine. Is late stretching a thing?
Yes, a PK Booster, it's just a different brand is all.
Got it. Thanks.
FWIW, I think the change in light schedules as noted above had something to do with it. I cannot tell you they are re-vegging or not (maybe they are) but I would just ride this out as normal. I bet you end up with nice plants. HTH, INHO, YMMV, etc.