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Sep 11, 2017
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Before I fire some questions at y'all, this is what I am planning for my first micro grow.

The Beans:
Mephisto Genetics (list of what I ordered on 2 Oct)
5x Gold Glue 3x 3 Bears OG 3x Mystery Seeds __x Freebies

Beans Questions:
- I want to run the Mystery Seeds first, and I know they CAN get big. Is this wise or should I save for my regular grow space? (I know you can restrict the growth by pot size and some training)
- Would 3 Bears OG be good for micro grows? (website suggested outdoors cause of plant structure/ shape/ size) **have seen grow journals of 3 Bears OG grown indoors

The Micro Set-Up:

- Will be purchasing (or building) a cabinet (light leek proof)
- 25(w)x15(d)x30(h) **maybe a few inches smaller or bigger, but staying within this range**
- 100 watt COB light setup to start and then add another 100 watts to equal 200 watt COB setup-- planning on Timber Grow Lights kit(s)
- Soil grow
- will be using a nutrient line feed and schedule
- using 3 gal. Smart Pots (modified to about 1 or 1.5 gal) and cheap plastic grow bags (with cut outs for root stimulation and air pruning, modified to about 1 or 1.5 gal)
- small fan (air movement) and 4in extract fan w/ filter

Some Micro Questions:
1. Would I need an extraction fan for micro setups (seeing how they can be bulky with carbon filters) or is it better to use just multiple fans?
2. I have Smart Pots and plastic grow bags, both 3 gal. and will be modified as stated above. Should I use these or purchase actual size that I want to run (they are wider compared to 1 or 1.5 gal)?
3. Planning on purchasing House of Garden line up for my soil nutes (also future use, depending). Is this ok for micro use or should I look into something else? **Please give suggestions or if used HoG nutes, any advice?
4. What is a good brand of soil to use for micro growing? **Very first grow I used FF Happy Frog w/ amendments--had some pest problems straight from the bag, so no FF products for me.
5. Is there any other equipment I am going to need?

**Hopefully have everything (or enough to start) by beginning of Nov. I plan on having seeds in soil by the 10th, and the latest start date around the 15th Nov.

Well, it looks like you have a plan man! I think you may find that 100w to be more than enough for that area, cob lighting is extremely intense and usually sits pretty high above the canopy throughout, I think 18" or so average, extraction fan and filter really depends on how stealth you need to be, those strains will be real loud in flower, I'd pick gold glue, I'm thinking she'll be wide and compact, with awesome density. Soil is really based on preference, what you find to work for you personally. I like roots organics original. House and garden is a fool proof regimen, use their calculator and divide their amount to use it at 3/4 strength. You'll need a ph meter. Good luck! Tag me in your grow!
@Gatorbackbob thanks for the reply, have been planning this for about a week. I have been pondering about Roots Organics, and been between them and Promix. About the lights, I have been emailing @RainDan from Timber, and he sugessted 200 watts. And definitely not saying he is wrong, but just don't have the cash for 200 watt at once. So thing buying 100 watt then another later (possibly during flower or right before). HoG is one of the nute companies I have been interested in for a while, and this coming up grow will be perfect time to use it.
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100-200w will work nicely for your area, and the base 100w kit will do absolutely fine so definitely start there and see if you want more later, but if wanting to go on the cheap initially you could always go with of the shelf screw in leds, which would only cost about $80 for say 12 of the 14w philips bulbs plus keyless sockets to get you going.

Nutrient line wise anything that can work for bigger grows can work for micros, same goes for soil i use to use promix in the past as it was easily available to me and i also organically amended it and it worked good, i use coco and hydro nutes currently though not that it matters just preference.

As for pot size that is dictated by how many plants you want to run, but the bigger the pot the more you'll have to train for your height limitations, but i will say for me taller narrower pots have worked better for me that wider shallower pots when the same volume of the pot is considered just as far as plant size and root development goes, btu defintely play around a find what works for you.

As for a scrubber definitely, but you may get away with a topmounted 120mm pc fan "or two" with their own filters, or a bigger 140-230mm fan and a tray style filter if limited on height or space outside the box, there are options.
Hey bud...i use promix HP for my winter micro grows and i love the excellent and a bail goes a long, long ways. Check out the dragon meds category for a pair of journals i wrote using promix and also stunting techniques to keep plants small.
Are you looking at Vero 29's? If so you could get away with just one, but two would be best.. run them at about 75%.. If you just have funds for one right now then get the HLG185 with dimmer... then just add the second light later on.

Yes, you need extraction.. Heat need to be addressed.. If you get a vortex fan and filter you just rig it to sit outside the cabinet and pull the air out. This saves tons of space.

Roots Organic is excellent. I like it better than FFOF.
@Wawashell Take a look at my microgrow, I have a box with pretty similiar dimensions as yours and am using 1 gal smartpots. The 3BOG is actually my smallest plant out of 4 (northern cheese haze, triangle kush and grape crinkle) so that should work for you aswell.

I've had good results with shallow and wide planters, but those were plastic tubs and not smartpots, so maybe go with Mr.sparkles advice. Also his tip with of the shelf screw in LEDs is gold. I use 3 of them as Supplement to my 70 w blurple hans panel and except the additional heat they do very well!