New Grower, looking for some guidance


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Sep 6, 2017
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Hey Guys,
Been lurking around since I started considering growing on my own. Thanks to everyone that contributes as there is so much info here.

My setup is as follows:
A homemade space bucket with 4 LED bulbs (10w each, 3x 3000K, 1x 5700K) about 10" above the plant. I am running it on a 20/4 hour lighting schedule.
It is a white widow, feminized autoflower in a 2 gallon smart pot with a mixture of Pro-mix seedling starter mix (~50%), perlite (25%), and organic top soil (25%). Ive also added in ~1/4 cup of baby cereal for additional Ca/Mg supplement.

The picture below is from today which is day 18 from the initial sprout. But looking at other pictures online, the leaves on my plant look huge! I know it could be from the varying genetics, but I wonder, should I be raising my lighting at all to hopefully spread things out a bit?

Also, I have only been using straight water (from my taps, which is sourced from a nearby lake so no chems) that has a pH of between 6-7. Unsure about the total dissolved solids.
Should I be starting my nutes soon (at 1/8 strength)? I have some 20-8-8 promix nutes that I was able to source locally that came closest to the ratio I read was good for this portion of the grow. I have yet to find and decide on which flowering nute to buy.

Any other tips or comments based on my picture are greatly appreciated.


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welcome to AFN.Looking at the plant she is looking just fine.I haven't heard of promix nutes before and one with that high of a nitrogen count.You should be very careful feeding with high nitrogen so as not to over feed and burn your plants.What are the recommended dosages from promix?
Ya, it's fairly strong.
The recommended mix ratio is 1 Tablespoon of the mix per 5L of water.
I was going to mix that at 1/8th the strength.

Since it's a general fertilizer it doesn't have a dosage other than 5L covers 5 cubic feet.

I suppose I still have a bit of time to look around for other options as the soil has nutes .
Welcome to the party!! Glad to have you out of the shadows and sharing your journey! Those leaves you've got there are the classic, fat "indica" leaves! I dont see an issue anywhere! She looks like a healthy indica dominate plant! And I agree Namvet, be careful with nutes that strong!
Good stuff, thanks Prophetiko.

Also, Namvet, I checked out the packaging on the nutes and it says feed every 7 days. But that's for general use. Actually I'll attach a pic of the back.


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Hey, quick update/question.

I watered it after the soil started to dry and the pot started to get lighter. And the leaves seem to be drooping and edges curling down even more.
I used maybe 900ml in a 2 gallon smart pot, no nutrients this time, and no run off but still made the pot pretty saturated. I have read that overwatering could cause this but I dont think i did.
Am I crazy or does it look droopy to anyone else? It could also be that the stalks really haven't stretched out much and it has those big leaves.
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hmm. thats weird. its saying i dont have permission to view that album. have you turned privacy settings on or somethin there buddy?
My bad, created a media album that was private view only. I've attached the pic on this post. Also added a pic showing the stalk and under brush.


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Hi There! :D

Those leaves look like over watering me! It could well be that the soil isn't areated enough (to heavy / not enough perlite) or perhaps it's sat in run off water?
If that's the case then you could try and raise it on with something (like a cake stand for example .. if it were a solid pot, you could put little feet under it)

There's one opinion! :D I'm sure you'll get some more!

Thanks for the input!

I have about 25% perlite in the mix, maybe I'll go a bit higher on the next grow. I added a bit of the pro-mix to the top to fill up the pot a bit more due to settling but didn't add additional perlite, I could probably mix a bit more in around the top.

Other than that for the time being I should just wait it out and let things dry? I do have the smart pot in a bucket with drainage holes so it wasn't sitting in runoff at any point.

Thanks again!