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May 5, 2021
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We have been growing photoperiod for a few years with overall satisfactory results,, a few pitfalls a bunch of atta girls.. These were all clones.. This year we change a lot of things.. we are growing all from seed and we are for the first time including autoflowering plants..
We grow in outdoor plastic tent type greenhouses.. Water is all filtered...We grow in cloth pots...
We seem to change up our soil every year and this year in 7 gallon pots the auto grow is 2 1/2 gallons of organic aged compost with 1 pound of Natures Soil for auto grows added in.. then the rest of the pots filled with mixture of Ocean's Forest and Happy Frog soils.. The autoflowering seeds are germinated in the pots..
As far as overall growth I have no issues.. and bud's seem to be doing ok so far.. But from the get go, the leaves have had a 'crinkly' look and now some are turning yellowish and drooping. This is my first time even seeing a autoflowering plant so have a lot to learn.. Any constructive comments will be appreciated.. and I Thank You

*not a part of this business but where I get my aged compost (interesting place) .. Regenerative Farming - Alexandre Family Farm - Alexandre Family Farm

First 2 images are trying to show the crinkly of the leaves and other 2 are the yellowing of the leaves.. 2 different plants

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heya @faller49 and :welcome: to afn! :toke: jus lettin ya know i moved ur thread to a diff section for better expozure/feedback ;) otherz will chime in, so jus hang tuff & anything u need, jus give a holler :thumbsup:

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Thank You much.. thought I had fell in a dark hole.. Thought this autoflower deal would be easy but so far I much prefer photoperiod fem's..
I'm kinda thinking that your soil did a Tjernobyl to those baby girls
I'm kinda thinking that your soil did a Tjernobyl to those baby girls
I actually have the same feeling but have been told Ocean's Forest and Happy Frog soils was tops.. expensive enough.. but plants were screwed up early and only tried to grow when roots got down to the compost/Natures Living Soil mix.. then they took off.. The leaf crinkle has been from the get go.. 2 inch plants..
Hey @JSH1973 - care to expand on that? I'm a new soil grower so I am researching soils. Do you think its too hot? Thanks!
To be honest, I'm just going by posts I've read and pictures I've seen since I started out last October, I have only grown I Coco myself so far, I'm no expert at all
Nature's Living Soil? Search for NLS/Nature's Living Soil here on this site. Several people have had issues using it. Unknown quantities of ingredients in it. I'm not an expert by any means but maybe it's possible that with the aged compost, NLS, FF OF and OF HF there is an excess of nutrients in the soil/mix. I've read that FF OF is too hot for germinating/seedlings. Seeds were started in this mix and the problem was seen from the very beginning and the plants are still "young'. Might be worth pondering.
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