Nitrogen Toxicity? Need Help!


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Aug 12, 2017
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2 of these are Crop King Seeds Early Miss AF. The seeds were planted in FFOF on 7/17, and at first I was watering at 7.6 (tap non phed) and now I ph at 6.5. I have a 1000w hps 18-20' away from plants dimmed down to 600w. I noticed major clawing and nute burn at the tips of the leaves. I dont know if i should flush or wait it out. Temps are 25-30C and the humidity is 30-40%. I will add pictures, need help asap so I can help recover!
Here are pics. I have never given nutes, just FFOF and water pHed to 6.5.


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...moving this to the Infirmary mate,... can you get me pics in normal light? HPS is lousy for diagnostics, color is a big clue,... I do see the tip claws,... and OF is often as not too hot for seedlings,.. worse, FF soils are not to be trusted IMO, these days,... testing their soils, I get pH's in the low 5's- :nono:- which is just inexcusable,.. quality control with them is a dice toos anymore,.... some folks get lucky and their bags are OK, I figure because of the different sourcing at the different facilities,...:shrug:.... You need to get an in-pot pH, what you put in ahd influence on inpot pH, but doesn't dictate it, too many other influencing factors,.. the best tool for this is the Accurate 8 soil pH probe,... the run-off method is dubious at best,... do you have a pH meter? you could do a slurry test for pH...1 cup soil, 1 cup unadjusted water, mix and let sit for an hour; drain off liquid and test,.. make sure your meter is calibrated! ...they go out easily,... wierd that you're just now getting N-tox,.. nothing added at all, even Ca-Mg? Some of those have significant amounts of n in them,...
Thank you for replying! I think i will be done with FFOF after this run. I do have a calibrated ph meter and will try the slurry method and get back with you. Yes no cal-mag! No extra nutes at all. Will also get pics when timer is up.
Here are pics with light off, sorry might be a little bad quality. Still waiting for pH reading of soil used.


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Mixed in water of ph 6.5 in soil and the out come reading was 6.6. Im not sure if its this strain or what? Should I flush?
I find it a little odd that you've gotten this far without issue, it looks like a mild N tox, I don't remember FFOF being time release, so you should have been seeing fert issues from the start. When did you start ph ing your water? Am looking for a connection... I gave up on FFOF after loosing several seedlings from it being to hot. I haven't had issues with happy frog.
So to be as descriptive as possible. I planet the seedlings in non damp soil :( super bad. I had watered them and made sure that they popped out of soil. At first I did 2 very light watering with non pHed water every day (it was 7.6, found out once I bought a meter) then I heard that its best to water good then let it almost completely dry out. So i used brita filtered water and pHed to 6.5 and gave them a good watering to about 10% runoff 4 days ago. Ever sense then I have had this problem :(. Do you think I should wait this problem out?
Mild N toxicity. Weird considering you haven't added anything. I'm willing to bet the soil you purchased wasn't up to quality control standards and may have more nitrogen present than most bags. May sounds weird, but I've been reading a lot of complaints about fox farm recently... That's unbiased considering I use them. I'm looking for a alternative or just start recycling and amending the fox farm soil I already have .