Nitrogen Toxicity?

Apr 9, 2021
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I have a few plants, not all, with the ends of the leaves turned down to 90 degrees. The leaves on the plants don't appear any darker than the other plants, nor are they showing any signs of being 'glossy'.

grow is as follows:

Day 29 from first true leaves.

bottom half of medium is Roots Organic soil with Daz's ammendment mix. Top half is 50/50 mix of Roots Organic and Ocean Forest Happy Frog.
18/6 light schedule.

2-Mars Hydro TSL2000 lights. Currently at 200 watts.

always watered between 6.2-6.5 ph

is it as simple as flushing the affected plants?


Yes, that looks like nitrogen toxicity to me.

Layering soil is problematic. The physics of water in soil dictates that when the water hits a new strata the layer above will need to be totally saturated before the water will continue moving down. This can cause dry pockets in the soil. Roots and microbes will die there.

Then a cannabis tap root can grow 9 inches in three days. If the tip gets burned by hitting a layer that is too "hot" it might stop growing altogether. This will stunt a plant as the lateral roots may eventually penetrate it but the time is lost. Homogeneous soil is the way to go.

Nothing to do about the soil that is too hot. Flushing will create different problems. Just give PH 6.3 RO or DI water and hope for the best.

If it’s worth anything, I am a many user of roots organic soil. I use MegaCrop as a multi nutrient with most additives
I went ahead and flushed two of the three plants. So far, after only one day, they look like totally different plants. One of them was a stunted freebie seed, a Critical Purple from Error seeds. I was ready to just throw it out, seriously. It looked that bad. Flushed it yesterday morning. It looked pretty bad. All droopy and stuff. Looked as though it had about five gallons of water, (ph'ed to 6.3), run through it. I always sit and stare at them just prior to lights out at 11, and I apologized to it and wished it good health. This morning when I opened the tent around 6:30, I was very pleasantly surprised. It and the other one, a Gorilla Cookies, the only one I really cared about, looked very happy, and mostly healthy. I didn't expect a miracle, but I couldn't believe the overnight progress. The critical purple had to have grown an inch, no shit. I hope it lasts. I usually water with recharge on Saturdays, but I'm going to push that to Sunday or Monday, depending how they look.