No nutes.. but nitrogen toxic???


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Sep 6, 2017
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Hey everyone,

First post on here and I think I'm in need of help :^S.
I have 2 royal dwarf
3 quickones
Their all in them fabric smart pots.
My temps are around 21-24c during the day and a little less during lights off (18-6) the humidity is around 60 to 70(really struggling to get it any lower)
PH run off was 6.5, the PH water I use is either 6.3 to 6.5.
I have a viparspectra 450w currently with veg and bloom on and it looks really nice.
Iv only used cal mag once and not fed them with anything else also the calmag was a very small amount.
So the problem I think no have is nitrogen toxicity?
Some of the fan leaves are starting to claw although nothing to extreme. Also there is a few rust spots on 2 of my plants(one is the bigger royal dwarf and other is a quick one.
Anyway I'm upload the pics and see what u all think. They were 30 days old yesterday lol. Need anymore info??
I have a black orchid inline fan which is sucking in the tent nicely.. erm a little fan blowing over the top (at one point it was directly on the the most "clawed" plant).
Erm ye any help? If I even need any?
This is my second grow btw so I'm not really experienced.


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Hey There!

It's looking great to me! I see those leaf tips doing a tiny downwards dip - I'd be thinking the same as you (but not worried at this point)

Iv only used cal mag once and not fed them with anything else also the calmag was a very small amount.
So the problem I think no have is nitrogen toxicity?

Have you checked your CalMag bottle for ingredients? I only ask because my CalMag (by Bloom) has N in it and can cause the same symptoms!

But looking nice and healthy and good size for 30 days to my eyes!

Hey man,

Thanks, yeah I'm really happy with them it's just this issue is doing my head in lol it happened on my first grow and got real bad, I panicked and water/fed them etc and made it worse lol.
This time I'm looking for some help before I do anything.

I'm post the pic of the cal mag just in case I say it wrong.
Thanks for replying btw


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I'm post the pic of the cal mag just in case I say it wrong.
Thanks for replying btw

:cheers: You're very welcome - and certainly don't panic! All is well with your plant :D

Looking at the nute bottle label it's got almost as much nitrogen in as calcium ... So i would put that claw firmly down to the cal mag feeding.

The leaves are a lovely colour and look velvetty to me (which i like) - I'd hold back on the calmag and go back to the water!

Well good sir thanks for your reply and I'm take the advice and just water for now.
I'll keep you updated on the issue and hopefully all is Good!:bighug:
Blooo lovie--- :biggrin:...did,...did he just call you "sir"? :rofl: ........... :eyebrows: You forgot the most important question mate: what are you growing in, what brand? Dsnip-- I'm with Bue here, a very minor touch of tip claw, a classic N-tox symptom,.. which leads us to the previous question, and the possible richness of the soil,... if it is a rich soil, and things are breaking down and cycling well in there, then the extra nitrate form the Ca-Mg must have pushed it just over the edge,... looking at this brand, I think it's an all nitrate formula, no carbonates,.. might have to be if Fe is in there (chemistry conflict), so indeed there's a significant amount of N in this formula,.... consider getting an alternative brand,... General Organics CaMg+ is a nice product, 1-0-0, mostly carbonate based,.. it used to be 0-0-0 all carbonate,...
Haha just messin boss ;)

Levingtons original multipurpose compost mixed with perlite. Also i mixed in John innes number 1 (for seedlings) also with perlite, I kinda used the number 1 as a mix on top of the levingtons so the seedlings were in that first and as the roots grow it gets into the levingtons mix... pretty dumb idea now I think about it but hey.. I'm full of dumb ideas.
That General organics is really expensive, I dunno if it's cheaper in the states but it's expensive in the uk, I think anyway after doin a quick Amazon and Google of it. Can u recommend any others??
Will the issue get worse as I water with just plain old tap water phed to 6.5? My run off is 6.5
Try Canna Mono nutes Dsnip.

I'll have a look into them in a bit ! :D
Thanks guys seriously, Il take a pic tonight and post it to compare growth lol.

Il find a canna and go with them they seem to be a reasonable price. Also they seem to not put up the npk values on the sites where they sell it.. must be me.

What do u guys think of the soil? Will it be hot??
That's 4 days growth, not bad a think?.

Also whaaat the bugga are them whitish? Marks??