Nonpoints' trip to the pet store


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May 12, 2017
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So today I decided I was going to make a go at Autopots. On my way home from work I decided to stop by the pet store and check out their selection of coco and just bought it while I was there.

I was prepared for the small talk nosey question that was sure to come when I put the four blocks of coco on the checkout belt.

I have found that unwanted small talk can usually be brought to a hault rather abruptly if you make it awkward. I have a nak for it anyway since I'm not big on having to deal with people, My defense mechanism I guess.

I get to the cashier girl and here it comes....

Cashier: Wow, what do you need all that for?

Me: I have a really big lizard

Cashier: Well you didn't get a tank here that big, where do you keep it?

Me: (smart ass smirk)In my pants.

Cashier I shit you not with the same smirk I gave her: I clock out at eight do you want to go to my place?

I was NOT expecting that shit, She got me, I didn't know what to say

If she didn't look like a caprice bumper after a demolition derby, I might have taken her up on it.
Man I love the demolition derby ,poor girl hopefully she gets fixed up .