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Aug 9, 2014
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Organic Sunday . I am starting a new thread , as It is the only full day I get off , and I love it , just wish the sun got up 2 hours before me . :biggrin: I am thinking I would like to see you guys post Sunday things , BBQ - Things , veggie batch , weed that you are playing around with , --- fishing --- ya get the idea . I'll start with the Mexican Airlines , 13in tall around 6 weeks old I think . .

Mid Day

Soil Temp

Now that is out the way - Best part of the day , My eldest son is learning how to cook Damper . It is a bread made in a cast iron pot ,self raising flour , beer , and this one bacon and cheese , cooked in the hot ash of a fire . When I used to work out bush this was the only bread we had . Now I hear ya saying , How the bloody hell do ya get beer out bush . If ya working out bush you never run out of beer , One bush camp I was working at , we run out of beer and did a 1600 km round trip to restock , I kid you not , 12 hour days , Sundays off . Used to go pig hunting and Barra fishing that day .
Bloody hard work , but the had a lot of fun , Shoot a croc or two . This photo is my new outdoor cooker. It is the top half of a dish washer , You can see the camp oven that it is cooked in .

Enjoy Sunday Guys . :smoking: :thumbsup: :vibe:
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:bighug::cheers: :smokeout: G'Day my friend Down Undah! All's well enough with you and the family I trust? :jointman: are you liking the Amnesia smoke? That was a lovely gal you had,... I hear nothing but praise for MA, a spot-on Mexican Sativa kinda buzz- :coffee: --you'll whistle while you work, even if you forget WTF you were working on- :rofl:.. I sure liked my Acapulco Golds! If it's Sativa cravings you're getting, check out Female Seeds here,.. a small but well rep'ed company with some interesting strains,... many of which apparently are in fact, "semi-auto's", being bred for bloom speed, something like Sweet's F1FV line (must try's mate, several of their best have been made into FV's.. have we talked about this yet?).... They have a Cinderella 99 bred true to the grapefruit/pineapple pheno', which is just stellar-- if you can find it! Usually a long season plant too, so having the faster bloom means a much more do-able grow... I'm for sure running her, and a couple others next season,...

:crying: I have heard stories about Aussies and their beer/oxygen! :rofl: Y'all so crazy!:headbang: :bow: .... always a hoot to see your improvised "repurposing" at work Hec', and to delicious effect too- :drool:... that loaf is making me belly bark for a bite! ... beer bread is so savory and satisfying,... bacon and cheese,... next time I cheat and use a pre-mix (found a very nice one, Krusteaz), I'll toss summa dat in the mix!
Right then, time for some pics...:smoking: My avatar has by coincidence, bloomed again... Stanhopea saccata, so lovely yes? She smells like cinnamon, and a little wintergreen/library paste- :eyebrows: odd but pleasant blend,... q1.jpg q2.jpg q3.jpg q5.jpg q6.jpg
... :headbang: had my totem spirit bug show up on my girls last week!

.... :pass: Cheers my good brother Hec', always a pleasure,... it's late and my Grape Crinkle sample has pole-axed me-:rofl: :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:... night-O....
Well , Sunday is starting great , Here is a table I have just made for my Buddha , is is made out of recycled local hard wood , I have just put a mold preventer so later today I'll give it a first coat of Clear .

This is a ornamental pineapple

and one of the wife's orchards