Please Help! Mephisto AvT special pheno


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Jun 26, 2017
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Ok. So about a week ago my sour crack had the same problems an I just figured I was over watering an giving it to much nutes. I was watering every 2days about a 1.5L with 5ml of grow, 7.5ml of calmag, 5ml of bio root, 5ml bio weed, an 5ml diamond black (using the go box). I was not watering to runoff. My soil consists of 1/3 parts super soil from my compost an black gold seedling soil mixed 50/50 on bottom, 1/3 just seedling soil from black gold in the middle and 1/3 of seedling soil an perlite mixed 70/40.

Because I was just watering an it was not running off, I figured it had to be salt build up. I flushed whole pot with twice the volume off water for the pot. The South crack started to com back but ultimately died.
After pulling up the dead plant I noticed a tap root going all the way the length of the pot but only about 8-10 little root branches from the tap root which I found off as it was 40 days old I figured it would have had more root mass to it.

Now my AvT special pheno is doing the same thing. It took 5days for the SC to die from were the AvT is now. I've noticed also my soil has compressed I've lost about 1/3 space( I'm bad at explaining things, the fabric pot had soil up to the top when I first planted seed, now theirs is 1/3 gap between the top of pot an soil level). Please help me! I do not want to loose this beautiful girl. She's just started preflower about 5days ago the same time my SC was when it started the same thing.

I just watered AvT yesterday with 5ml biothrive bloom and veg, 5ml calmag, 5ml bioweed,5ml biobud. What the fuck am I doing wrong! Should I flushed again? My lights are on same position 14inch away, 400w MH, I was gonna switch HPS today but don't wanna stress her! Here's some pics

I see no mention of pH... Get a good probe the accurate 8 is what I use.. check your soil and buffer feeds accordingly..
You have serious leaf clawing usually caused by over feeding or lights to close.14inches is to close so try moving it up a foot or so and see if that helps and back off feeding for awhile.
Thank you so much, my pH an ppm meter are about two days away( holiday messed up shipping) do you think l should flush
You have serious leaf clawing usually caused by over feeding or lights to close.14inches is to close so try moving it up a foot or so and see if that helps and back off feeding for awhile.

Do you think I should flush?
I wouldn't flush just strait water till you can check your soul and feeds.
....pH is a big suspect,.. with the other plant having fragg'ed roots, likely they dies off leaving just the more woody parts behind,... a "supersoil"? Plus feeds,... contrary applications mate, likely leading to badly off pH, and the N tox',... too much of everything, too often,.. you're trying to shotgun blast the problem away, and it's making matters worse, not better,.. frustrating, I know! :doh:... only thing to do is get some run-off to test,... look in the highlighted section above here for the run-off testing and calculation thread, and follow it exactly,... it's an inferior method in general, but this one addresses some of the problems at least,... that A8 unit is the ticket, but not on hand,and time's a factor,... do the test, likely you'll have to flush anyway, so saturating the soil is going to happen anyway,.. BYT first lets see what results you get,... I'm with Nammy here, that's looking like N-tox' to me, which comes mainly from cumulative over-application of N rich feeds,... once in the plant, it there to stay, damage and all,... Compaction may have been from loose planting initially, and breakdown of organic components over time,...... get us whole plant pics too please,...