Question regarding timing first feeding of auto (soil + dry nutes)

May 8, 2021
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Hey everyone,

I am using Roots Organic Original potting soil as my medium. On the bag it says to start feeding after 10-21 days (because there are nutrients in the soil when you get it). I am using Roots Organic Terp Tea Grow (and Bloom when the time comes). I plan to top dress and water in--I am also using Recharge. I know these dry nutrients will take time to become available to the plants.

So my questions are:

1) Is it fairly safe to assume I won't need to start feeding my auto until about the third week of veg, given a) what it says on the bag and b) autos use less nutrients than photos?

2) I am going to follow the feeding schedule but I am just trying to figure out when to start. The feeding schedule recommends week 2 of veg, but should I wait until week 3 because I am growing autos? Perhaps even week 4? I don't want to burn my plants.

Thanks everyone!
@Citizen_Scientist and @Buzzzxx :welcome:Welcome to AFN:welcome:There is no clear-cut answer to that question as it is a judgement call. Watch the plant if it seems to start to get a lighter shade of green it is time.

You need to be careful with Recharge and top dressing at the same time. Recharge inoculates and feeds the root biome. This can super-charge the nutrients already in the pot and make them available to the plant. Less is better.

Right on, thank you for the information. I appreciate it. I did not know about that interaction between microbes and top dressing. That makes sense. I'll go very light and do some more reading