Soil, but not super soil. Organic liquid nutrients. Water to runoff?

May 19, 2021
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Hi all.

I am using soil, but not super soil and I am using organic liquid nutrients. I have not been watering to runoff. Should I be?

I have been reading online about this, but it's hard to tell if the information I am reading is specific to my growing medium. I am using 5 gallon smart pots.

Thank you for the help!!
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I have those same smart pots and I'm using soil.
I usually water until I have a little runoff in the plastic pot trays. If it is too much water I will use a turkey baster to remove most of it so the roots are not in standing water.
I stick my finger in the soil to feel how damp it is and water if it is getting fairly dry a couple of inches down.
Cool, thank you for the reply. I think I got myself mixed up because I was reading about living soil, but that's not actually what I am using. Have a good one!
No need for runoff if using organic Unless you over fed them. I will do about 20% runoff if i see a problem and check my Ec, Ph. Less is always better.
I only grow in soil. You will always have varying moisture levels in your pots during your grow. Living or not living, you really need a cover of some sort. It conserves moisture and helps keep the moisture level more even in the pot.
The best way I've found is to water about half the water you expect to use. A sprayer helps apply evenly. I wet the outer edges first and work inward and then overlap. Do it to all your girls. Depending on your media, I usually wait 30 min before the next step.
I take half of what's left and add into the tray. Depending on your media, I wait no more than 15min to see how much has been absorbed. If you stay and watch, you can gauge how dry it is by how quick the uptake. If it quickly sucks that amount up, you can safely add some more and if it just makes that 15 min mark with it all sucked up, your pot is fully watered.

Now pick that pot up. That's the weight of a fully watered pot with your media.