Speakers up or headphones?

Head phones of Speakers up?

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speakers and soundproofing.stoned and headphones = untold hazards.
Headphones. But then I've almost always been in either apartments or had roommates that meant I couldn't really crank speakers up as loud as I might like, so not necessarily a fair contest. :baked:
That depends on the quality of the speakers or headphones surely.............

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SPEAKERS. 5- (or 7)-channel discreet (or Dolby-derived) channels from a high-grade digital source run through a high-end preamp/amp with excellent appropriate speakers all around; ideally with in-home-testing-based real-time equalization (compensate for reverb/sound reflections).
well if ya got some nice speaker.like the JBL 308 or the ten inch series are excellent. but have to be positioned well in order to fully experience them at volume.But yeah I of course over all say speaker but nuance and practicality I guess won LOL! the small notes and nuances are what count imho in music and headphones lend better to that more often than not.
Headphones it is then ........tunes on, volume up ,eyes closed .......bliss .....try this

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