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Jul 8, 2017
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I have one plant that's kinda strange with how the leaves are,, it's planted in a fifty fifty mix ffof and happy frog on bottom half of pot, then filled up with straight happy frog, in five gallon smart pots,, the plant with the issues has never been feed yet, just ph adjusted water at 6.5, running a 315 ceramic light temps are high of 83 low of 74, humidity of 40-55,, other three plants seam just fine,, the two bigger ones are Hindu Kush and have had two feedings to date I'm using nectar for the gods, the plant with the issue is a sour crack, the other small one is a sour crack also and looks fine
Here is the pictures


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next time I'd just mix the soil instead of layer it and than just use a hand full of happy frog at the top for the seedling to nesstle its roots and than grow down in the mix.

The plants look healthy though I wouldn't worry. Slight leaf roll in that near perfect environment would make me think the plant just has a little extra water it was holding onto from its last watering. Nothing to worry about though. far away is that CMH unit? Edge curling is usually a sign of light/heat intensity, but the ambient T and RH are good,... that aside, they look fine!
Thanks divine, I was kinda worried about ffof was a little to hot and I didn't want to stunt the growth,, I was think next time just happy frog and some perlite added
Waira the lights was eighteen inches, I moved it up to twenty four, seams to be doing ok,,, my temp right at plant level is 81
:thumbsup: better! Sometimes, the ambient T and RH don't tell the whole picture, especially when lights are in close proximity,.. this puts more direct blasting on the leaves, sometimes pushing them to the stress point,... :pass: