Stunted non-growing Mexican Airlines auto


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May 13, 2015
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Hi guys,

I have a 25 day old Mexican Airlines auto that I'm growing in DWC with details as follows:

3.5 gallon reservoir treated with 4 ml Watermax (sterile grow as discussed by @greenjeans),
Sunleaves grow rocks
1.5 ml of Rapidstart
1 ml of Botanicare CNS17 grow
Meizhi LED 300W at a distance of 30 inches.
Water has been pH'd to 5.8 (checked twice daily) and TDS to 88 ppm or 176 us/cm @ 22 °C.

She was growing fine till day 10 after which all further growth stopped. I have tried my best to figure out what the problem could be but I'm at a loss. The base leaves are yellowing and the overall size is just over 2.5 inches in diameter and 0.5 inches high. I have a Critical Chaze F1 auto next to it which has taken off and growing normally.
MexAir 1.JPG

MexAir 2.JPG
MexAir 3.JPG
MexAir Roots.JPG

Here are a couple pics of the Critical Chaze F1 auto which is doing great!
CritChaze 1.JPG
CritChaze 2.JPG
88 ppm sounds like really low feed. Perhaps you should push the feed to around 250 to 300 ppm by now? Kind of looks like potassium deficiency but I cannot be certain. I think with intense light like 300w blasting with so low feed she really needs more nutrients than that. All the best!