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Sep 27, 2016
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Moist basement shitty moldy albanian weed..
Strain : Samsara seeds SWEET BLACK ANGEL + one unknown girl..

Medium : Soil / Potground H

Pots : 15l air pots

Lights : 400w diy COBS.. 200w 3070 cree , 200w 1212 Citizen

Enviroment : 1m2 Tent

Air: Prima Klima 125

Due to Dessert temps in my poor country ( where are those people that said global warming is a myth) I decide to try some photo P strains.. In my short Growing carrier I grew at least 7-8 strains and none of them satisfied me with potency and sleep induction.. So I google And decide to try SBA.. That one unknown strain is from my past grow so that girl is vegging like 2 months, i Tried my first lst on her.. Here Are some pics..

IMG_20170805_235707.jpg IMG_20170805_235659.jpg IMG_20170805_235609.jpg

My auto diaries nobody follows except few badd ass people so I dont espect nothing different here.
Are these photos? For autos I went thru a lot of breeders and strains to find mephisto, great genetics. Hope these are what ur looking for. Happy growing

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Yes they are..Summer in my city is just UNHuman this year..Temps were ranging from 35-40c.. My tent Room looks on east and has direct sun from sunrise till noon, so it was even with mobile AC unit Mission impossible keeping temps under 35c with light on during the day. ( i hardly finished my last grow a. shark and f. candy ( you can see that candy girl waiting for harvest,all leafs are super fast drying and yellowing,) but Im waiting autum coilors to harvest her..)).. I was searching for sleepy indica , all what I read says this is it!! So keep your fingers crossed that I dont F something Up. And I hope that ALL OF YOU @ GUYs dont mind that I tagged you..