1. N/A-Greengo

    Mephistoreoz & Orange Oreoz Test Run

    :toke: Hello once again fellow growers, and connoisseurs! The master crafters of Mephisto Genetics have bestowed upon me the great pleasure of testing a duo of their soon to be released cultivars.. :worship: As of today, both test subjects are sown in 5 gallon fabric pots, in my organic...
  2. Srfr

    Srfr's UK organic living soil Mephisto 2x4 grow journal

    Here it is, my first thread on the autoflower network! I've been growing for quite a few years now but I'm still far from an expert. I have come a long way, however, with help from our organic grow friends over the pond, mostly in Pacific NW. I got into attempting "no-till" or as I prefer to...
  3. Mephisto Freebie Grow

    Mephisto Freebie Grow

    Growing Mephisto freebie Norther Cheese Haze x Sour Bubbly I am going to call it Bubble cheese for the purposes of this Journal
  4. VitaMan

    Mephisto Genetics Height estimates, soil vs hydroponics

    Hi MephHeads Usually the stated height for a strain is for soil growing. I am finishing my second ever hydro grow with clones and they grew faster and stretched more than the same strains did in dirt. I can't be sure they are from the same moms as before but I can say after harvest and cure...
  5. VitaMan

    Mephisto Genetics Strawberry Nuggets lolipop?

    I finally ordered some Strawberry Nuggets, plan to start them January after the current grow finishes. Generally, HST is not great for autos, but I am wondering if heavy defoliation before the Strawberry Nuggets bloom is OK. Will defoliation and or lollipopping slow them down significantly...
  6. Arthur

    Indoor Arthur’s Autoflower Antics

    Assembly of and first runs in the new setup. For several years I ran a 4x4 with 450w of diy citizen 1212 cobs. Am moving to a 4x8 mars hydro tent. With a 2x4 off to the side. 4 HLG 350R lights. (3 for the 4x8 1 for the 4x2) AC infinity fans, filters and controllers. Majority of stuff shows...
  7. R Wayne

    New Grower Seedstockers & Meph first garage grow!

    Good morning, afternoon or evening from where ever you may be. I started some schooling again to attempt to get a botany or organic chem degree (I'm twice the age as most of the other students, but better late than never). I am finally settled enough in my new house to get a growing again. Been...
  8. Mephisto's Grape Crinkleberry

    Autoflowering Mephisto's Grape Crinkleberry

    Grape Crinkleberry(Ravenberry x Grape Walker Kush) is originally a Canadian exclusive release. harvested her on Day 81 and it was a pretty straightforward grow with very little foliage and extremely dense flowers. I did some LST on day 28 the same time it hit preflower and I have never tried...
  9. Tinto De Verano

    Tinto De Verano

    Chopped on day 70. Got an offensive sweet fuel smell that my carbon filter is no match for. Really love how fast she finished and how stoney she is. Feel pretty couch locked but not lazy or tired just that narcotic faded feeling.
  10. Hotfire

    Autoflower Tinto De Verano

    Chopped on day 70. Got an offensive sweet fuel smell that my carbon filter is no match for. Really love how fast she finished and how stoney she is. Feel pretty couch locked but not lazy or tired just that narcotic faded feeling.
  11. Hotfire

    New Grower 2x2 Half Gallon Run
    Threadmarks: Week 1

    2x2. Mars hydro TS1000. 5 - half gallon pots. FFOF. 2 Mint Julep - Twenty20 1 24 Carat - Mephisto 1 Tricross - Atlas 1 Apple Fritter - Blimburn Doing this grow in small pots just for fun, ...and so my rosin jars don't get empty :rofl: When my 3x3 is empty I'll switch these over there and start...
  12. McDee

    Indoor McDee goes Organic
    Threadmarks: Germination

    Welcome to my 1st organic grow! I kinda found orgics accidentally when watching a video. I had know of organic growing, but I didn't know anything about it. While watching more, and more videos things started to add up. Everything we do as growers is trying to mimic nature. I had been doing...
  13. Setup and Germination DAY 1

    Setup and Germination DAY 1

    DAILY (as much as possible) UPDATES IN THE DISCUSSION AREA OF THE BLOG This is being posted one day later so technically its day 2 of germination but oh well..... Decided to give indoor cannabis growing a shot since I am getting tired of buying from the store and had always wanted to give it a...
  14. Snidely Whiplash

    Mephisto Genetics 3 Bears OG

    Mephisto 3 Bears OG 45 days from sprout. Transplanted at 7 days. Blend of FFOF and CocoLoco. 6 plants under 2 lights. Timber 400 watt Cob and a Migro Array 3. Nutes are Humboldt Secret. Water phd to 6.5. 20/0 cycle.
  15. Tmwzrd

    New Grower RDWC Mephisto Walter White

    First thread on AFN! Started my mephisto genetics Walter white today to be ran in a 2 plant RDWC system. They are currently germinating directly in 1.5" rockwool cubes that were soaked in 5.5ph water. Will update once they pop and as they continue to grow!
  16. These girls here, bruh!!

    These girls here, bruh!!

    This is a pic from the front. Hope everyone has a good day. Maybe check out my channel onYT here’s a video link.
  17. Marleys Grin Mephisto Genetics day 30

    Marleys Grin Mephisto Genetics day 30

    The clawing is coming out a bit and I’m not sure what did it!?!? Three of the Marleys Grin have clawed moderately. The only one I didn’t top (because I effed up the root on transplant from the solo cup) is not clawing. The biggest one is t clawing. Guess I got a little crazy with the cheez wiz...
  18. ArkVader13

    New Grower First grow & show, CDLC x Skywalker Auto Fem freebie from Mephisto!

    So I have recently started growing up a CDLC x Skywalker and it's currently on Day 14 and is in a 2 gallon pot with Black Gold soil and I have 4 2ft 40watt Hlux LED light bars and #4 4ft t-8 fluros tubes. I'm REALLY new to Autoflowers and it's my fifth Autoflower grow, this is off to a good...
  19. Hotfire

    Mephisto Genetics First Sour Stomper Grow
    Threadmarks: Sour Stomper

    First time growing sour stomper, just doing 1 this round to see what I can do in a 3x3 with a mars ts1000. Tired of trying to rotate plants all the time under this small ass light. Looking at upgrading soon to the 300w bar style. But for now just wanted some advice from people who have grown...
  20. DoobieGrows

    Indoor Mephisto/Nightowl Grow

    Round 2 has begun in the 4x4. This Round I am growing 4 plant total. 1 Mephisto Sour Stomper 1 Mephisto CDLC 1 Nightowl Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix 1 Barney's Farm GG4 auto. I will be using my HLG 600Rspec along with my Ac infinity T6 exhaust system. Here is a few pictures to get us started...