The AMAZING Green Crack!!


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Jul 12, 2017
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This is my amazing FastBuds Green Crack, day 46. As you can see, she is a beast!! According to FastBuds website she can get up to 35". Well this big girl passed that about a week ago. She has continuously grown around 2" per day. After raising my lights as far as i could, the main cola continued to grow till it was 40" which was about 3" from the light. Finally I had to bend it so it wouldn't get light burn. Within literally hours the bent cola started to raise straight up. I believe this is gonna be one producing girl!! Look at all those colas!
I'm also growing FB's Pineapple Express and Girl Scout Cookies. PE didn't get that big and but has some nice smelly buds. GSC is a big bushy girl and it just now into preflower, good things come to those who wait ;-)
In pics Green Crack is back right, PE is back left, GSC front left, and a White Widow free-bee is front right.

My setup is...
32"x32"x63" tent with 2x Mars Hydro 600w
3gal fabric pots with GH coco
GH flora trio, Koolbloom, Calimag mixed with RO water fed everyday .
My favourite strain. The way this strain clears the mind, refreshes your senses and the boost it gives you, is something else!!!!!!!
The high is super pleasant and happy, yet you 100% sober to complete any task.
I especially like to smoke it when I drive long distances at night, because it keeps me awake, super alert and focused on my driving.
The smell is WOOOOWWWW!
By far the most complete strain by fast buds!
It does tend to dominate the tent, it can actually dwarf even the six shooter when they share the same room.
Never let it compete with other sativa dominant strains, cause it will dominate and reach way beyond 120cm. Try to have her among Indicas that will give her the signal to stay close to their size.
It does have this cooperative nature towards other plants that do not compete with her for space, so it is good for sog along with a variety of indica dominant strains.
Yet she gets crazy when other tall sativa dominant plants are around. The response to their chemical signals is a crazy stretch horizontally and vertically.
Nice crop Buddette...
Perhaps see if you can pull that stretched cola down about 6 or 8 inches by tying a strung near the top for a more even canooy as flowering progresses..careful not to crimp the stem..
Keep up the good work!

I too like the fastbuds gear..Tangiematic in particular.