Tutorial Tulip Joint aka give your girl some flowers :)

Hi there,

so Im just preping goodies for todays bday celebration and inspired by @Vapo I decided that Im gonna show the easiest but also the prettiest joint rolling technique IMHO..
Most of you probably know how to roll it, but I wasnt able to find it here so there you go :)
Im gonna show a mini variant (2 rolling papers, paper roach, 2g) but you can do even 4 paper monster with classic joint instead of the roach (I once rolled 25g tulip, madness)
what do you need
papers, roach, string, weed.

start by sticking two rolling papers together and prepare paper roach that you can fix with another paper so it holds its shape. as its mini variant I used roach about a size of a std. lighter (idk 5-6 cm ?) but feel free to use whatever size you want.

then you need to fold that badboy right next to the sticking part which you will lick and fold afterwards to create a cone

you should end up with something like this.

now the fun part ;) break down 2 gs (or more) of your favorite strain :) in this case its fruity girl, Banana Kush auto from Anesia

stick the weed in the cone with extra care, esp. at the begining when youre filing the tip. needs to be really stucked in there so it burns evenly...
then get the string and tighten it up but not all the way, just so you dont have to do some gymnastics with the tulip when youll be tightening the roach in teh next step...
should look like this

insert the roach, tighten the string so it holds in place. then turn the excess paper upwards, creating leaf... and voila.. you just rolled yourself a lovely Tulip ;) (or rose as its called in our country)

Hopefuly someone can find this useful :)

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stay safe friends

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love it.....I always wanted to know how to make one of those dude....nice one!!
love it.....I always wanted to know how to make one of those dude....nice one!!
Then this upload already paid off :headbang: happy that I could help, its really easy and variable. Even rosin/hash coating works. And tbh the flower looks even better with rosin spiral going around. Magical :wiz:
have fun :)
And thx for the rep bro :bighug: