Mephisto Genetics USA Store Return August 30th!


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Sep 12, 2018
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Hello Meph Heads,

On Monday August 30th, we will be opening our new website for the first time. We are super stoked after all the hard work we have put in as a team over the last few months. We believe we have worked out all the kinks and are hopeful that there will no longer have website crashes on drop day. However, we are aware that we could still run into some problems with the new site. For this reason, we are still operating on an order limit. We are doing this to make sure we do not overwhelm our new distribution team, and at the same time monitor the capabilities of our new website. The store will close when we hit our order limit, this does not mean all items are sold out. We expect to hit this limit in the first few hours of store opening, so be sure to place your order as quickly as possible.

Please make sure to sign up for a new account if you haven’t already. We are starting with a fresh slate, so everyone needs to make a new account!!!!

Please visit our help center for more detailed information about ordering, payment options, shipping and returns. Please read through the help center if you have any questions!! Mephisto Help Center

Mephisto Genetics US Store Only - Link
When – Monday August 30th – 3 PM Eastern Time / 12PM Pacific Time
Strains available for purchase
· Strawberry Nuggets
· Forum Stomper
· Skywalker
· Mango Smile
· Pink Panama

Limit 1x pack size, per strain per person. (You can order multiple sizes of the same strain)

There will not be any stickers or merch available during this opening.

***A note about changes to freebies***

We have not raised prices on our seeds in the last 8 years even though we have experience significant inflation over that time period. We are making changes to the freebie’s tiers to help absorb the inflation cost, and to increase the incentive to user to make larger purchases. New freebies tiers below.

$15-59: 2 free seeds
$60-119: 5 free seeds
$119-180: 10 free seeds
$180-240: 17 free seeds
$240+: 25 free seeds

What about Canada, Uk, and the Work Wide store???
· We will update everyone with information about other store opening in the coming weeks!
Good luck with the drop @stan_mephisto. I may have to give those Strawberry Nuggets a try, as my bday coming up and I''m sure the Mrs. won't mind if I treat myself.
I'll be there at 255 EST and ready to take some Strawberry Nuggets and run to check out.
Stan, I signed up on the new site last Sunday. I registered, did the promo download, etc
By the next day it seems the site was down and all that comes up is a new maintenance page. It's still all I get as of me typing this now. I assumed maybe they pulled the site entry for more work before the new open but your post late yesterday indicates it should be open since you are suggesting people register on it before the new opening on the 30th. Even the link you provided to the new site in your above post brings me to the same maintenance page. The store link I got in the email confirmation of my account registration does the same thing.

is this something on my end somehow or is the site down. No, not purchasing of course, just to access anything including strain info.

EDIT: site is accessible now. :)
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I love that the drop has a link and then all the strains there on display along with countdown clock. Love that!! Can't wait for Monday. Not sure I will go for using coupon code or not. Maybe one try, if it jams up, I am just going to try to get through. I have been wanting Strawberry Nuggets, I am lucky enough to have scored the others on previous drops.
4 minutes and counting! I am hoping that cart buttons just show up on main page with the products. We shall see! Good luck all! I have been wanting to score some Strawberry Nuggets since I first read about them and hoping today is the day!
YES!!! Things went flawlessly! I hit refresh at 3 PM EST and button was there by Strawberry Nuggets. I was able to add a 7 pack, then I got brave and even added the discount code from test launch which took care of shipping!! Check out was successful with no glitches what so ever! Good job guys!

Edited to add: Also got my order email right away as well.