Watering/feeding questions


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Aug 30, 2017
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Hey all,
Again this is my first grow and I had some questions regarding watering and nutrients. I have a two week old seedling in a 4 gallon pot. I haven't had to water it in about a week and a half because the pot is so big and hold so much moisture. The plan itself is doing really well. My question is, when I go to water my plants, after the soil is nice and dry, do I water each plant until there is a nice run off? Essentially, should I soak the plants each time they need watered? Which leads me to the question of nutrients, if I'm only watering my plants every week and a half, this may pose an issue for grow/bloom nutes. I have AN jungle juice, bud candy, big bud, and overdrive. It just seems like, that the plant won't be in a vegetative state long enough to feed it more than once, maybe twice. The same issue may occur once it starts to bloom. Does anyone have any suggestions on a watering/nutrient schedule that is appropriate for auto flowers? I have looked at the feeding regiments for each nutrient as suggested by the company, but I'm still a bit confused… Any help would be appreciated thanks!
P.s. I'm growing dwarf low flyer autofem and white widow autofem

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In my 15ltr pot I water them till some drops runoff and Then I lift. The pot to measure the weight.. And when Its geels Light u water again..