Watering question


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Mar 5, 2017
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Question.... Do you guys soak your pots or not before planting seedlings? About half a year ago we switched to @TaNg feed schedule. He has a feed set for days 1-10 (just water) then 10-15 which is a light feed. Problem is that the pots are still retaining water from soaking so I don't want to overwater but at the same time I want to start the light feed since there isn't a lot of nutrients in the soil (biobizz light). If I didn't soak then I would be able to water small amounts every day which is why I'm asking. Thanks in advance!
youll need to give them an initial soaking .a full watering to let the soil settle properly. then sow your bean. then a spray bottle or dropper,however you water/feed then your small smounts will be able to leach light away verses staying in the dry spoil near the roots and nearby plant potentially causing a PH and/or burning issue. so I always do an initial watering,. helps with proper rooting and development.
When I was using soil, I would ready pot, water to some run off, wait 5-6 hours then plant germed seed. Let pot dry well before second watering.