Bridgelux EB Gen 2 Mid Power Light Strips

2017 Mid Power Strips

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I've used these exclusively for over a year now in multiple fixtures with excellent restless regardless of the plants.

EB Series Gen 2 Linears are designed for use in premium indoor or industrial applications where a high level of efficacy
is required. The new generation uses the high-efficacy SMDs to achieve up to 180lm/W, which enables designers and
fixture manufacturers to meet DLC Premium requirements. They are designed for linear troffers, pendants and other
luminaires in indoor commercial and industrial applications.
Available in 280 mm, 560 mm, and 1120 mm lengths, the modules can be connected end-to-end thereby providing
flexibility in designing luminaires. The Zhaga compatible modules further simplify design by providing easy mounting
options, reusable poke-in connectors and by being compatible with a variety of off-the-shelf optics. The modules have
long lifetimes of greater than 50,000 hours.

I've built several fixtures for myself and others but I have three in 3000k that I use consistently for veg and flower. Two are identical, with 3 strips per sink on two levels connected to an HLG 185H 42a. The spectrum is decent with some deep and far red but I would supplement still.


I couldn't find the efficiency in umols but 180l/w for the 3000k. These were contemporary diodes to the lm561 diodes at the time. They can still be found affordably from Arrow or Digikey but the generation 3 have achieved over 200l/w. Not a huge increase but closer to the 301h/b diodes for DIY.

No real complaints with these lights aside from the acrylic PCB but that is part of the cost being low. The push in connectors can come off with accidental force but not much else as they don't get very hot at 75% efficiency so heatsinks aren't necessary but keep everything straight.


I'd recommend them for vertical applications and high bay with heat sink but HLG has similar value in their 4 pack boards without heatsink.

My flowering light is 12 1120mm strips in 3000k on an HLG 480H 42a.



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