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Hydrofarm bonsai trimmers.

40mm and 60mm Hydrofarm precision trimmers

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I ordered a couple pairs of Hydrofarm trimmers to fill out an order from Canada Grow Supplies (which I review separately here as well).

These are the 60mm version, I also ordered the 40mm version, but don't have a picture. They are identical except for blade length.


I am very impressed with these for the price, and highly recommend them. They have silky action, are very easy on the hands, and are sharp enough to cut fingers. I haven't used them for large trimming projects yet, but expect them to do an excellent job. At a fraction of the cost of the standard Fiskars, and an even smaller fraction for Chickamasas, I consider them a serious bargain. They are not coated, but I don't care about that, I find that the coated scissors gum up anyway, I just use more than one pair and soak the idle sticky ones in ISO. By the time the operating pair is gummed, another is clean with a wipe of paper towel.

If you would like a great bargain in the trimming department, don't hesitate.

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