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The Cannatrol system is designed to dry and cure cannabis in a very short period of time. The system will maintain whatever parameters you select for the drying and curing stages. Most importantly it maintains the dew point. Relative humidity is just that; relative. 60% rh at 80 degrees is much different than 60% at 60 degrees. This fact makes a big difference on how the water in the plant will evaporate. Each stage of dry/cure/store can be altered to fit your style. It features a slope function to gradually step down the humidity during the drying process. The small unit is about the size of a small refrigerator and uses only 70 watts. Compared to running fans, AC unit, humidifier/dehumidifier you should save a little on power. The product comes out perfect every time. No lie!

PROS; Perfect buds every time.
NO burping jars. No jars at all.
Buds retain some moisture, and all the terpenes are preserved.
You can harvest and trim on the same day and put the product right in the box. Done deal.
There is nothing else to do but wait and empty the water collection tray in the back of the unit. (the water smells so good)

CONS; $1,600 for the unit. A major investment for a small-time grower.
You can only fit 2.2 lbs. of wet product in the unit at a time.
It is very quiet unless you put it in the bedroom, and you are a light sleeper.
I wish I had two.

My thoughts are; A game changer! If you can afford it, get one. All the hard work put into keeping a plant alive long enough to get a good harvest is lost if the drying and curing process is not done perfectly. While I know how to do these things, I don't have to. Once those flowers are in the box and the unit is set, my job is done and I can tend to the rest of my garden. Friends think I really know what I'm doing but it's really the dry/cure that makes all the difference.

SOME TIPS. - If you want to fit more product into the unit you can hang the plants for a day to get the initial moisture out.
You can re-hydrate bud that got too dry by placing a wet sponge in the unit. (not the best practice, but it works).

Run the unit in a cool dry place for best results. The unit will have to work hard at high temperatures and humidity. Any room that is comfortable to humans will do.20231006_085227.jpg20231006_085152.jpg

Some other thoughts.
You can get as technical as you like when selecting the parameters for each stage. It's up to you.
The default times on the unit are 4 days dry and 4 days cure. I've tried that with great results. When time permits, I extend the dry cycle to 5 or 6 days.
For long curing times use the sponge and cup provided to maintain moisture. I will add water if the humidity is lower than 61%.
I have not used the unit for storage.
My method is to wet trim and put the flowers directly in the box. They will get flat on one side if you don't rotate the flowers. I don't bother because I would rather not open the box too often.
I have used the Cannatrol to dry bubble hash with pretty good results. It still took a long time though.

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