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So, getting started in mycology and ordered items from different companies and will only comment on customer service. ITW (spores)and Booming Acres (all-in-one bags) gave stellar service with fast shipping. Shaman Spores (spores) were a little late on shipping but apologized due to employee problems. Tracking shows they should be here tomorrow.
Now for the bad experience.......Zombie Myco.....ordered a 2 pack of their 5Lb all-in-one bags...box came but only 1 bag. was inside. Reached out to their customer service, promised to send the other bag that day. A week later still nothing. Reached out again, another apology with a promise to send with some free agar plates...so here we are another week and no tracking on the missing bag. At 2 weeks since receiving the 2 pack from Booming Acres so while checking them out for any contamination noticed they looked bigger than the one from Zombie Myco. So got my scales out and weighed them.....5Lb bags from Booming Acres, but Zombie Myco sent a 3Lb bag.......So I'm done with them and have ordered more bags from another company.

Just an update...received email with tracking number this morning (11/16 ), got last bag a minutes ago.....this one weighs in at 5Lb so not completely screwed. Still think I'm going with other vendor in the future.

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