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Budget friendly easy option.

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Have been experimenting with this in used FF Happy Frog soil mix. Seems so far to supply the needed nutrients to the strains I've grown with occasional deficiency going into flower. Tested out the " No Burn Pledge" up to 3 times recommended levels with no problems. Have been just supplying water from my tap with no pH testing done and I'm on a limestone aquifer so higher than normally needed calcium levels and hardness. Has worked very well in my autopots through the top watering and reservoir phases. Would probably work well for beginners just wanting to get a grow under their belts in the easiest way possible. So I plan to continue using this method until something easier comes along. As with anything, your results may vary.
A few pictures of my last grow. Golden Ticket strain I got from my seed run.
GT grow.jpg

GT grow2.jpg

GT grow3.jpg

GT final 90 days.jpg


21 oz in the cure bags
21 oz.jpg

In conclusion a viable option for a budget grower.

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