Lookah Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer

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Bought the Lookah Ice Cream to get a relief from the choking cough I usually get from joints or a pipe while smoking.

It has 4 temp settings and turns on with 5quick pushes on the single button. After it's on you can cycle through the temp settings with a single button push, settings are indicated by the color.
Green-392f, Blue-410f, Purple-428f and White-446f.
Simply grind up your favorite strain, pop the magnetic mouth piece off, fill the chamber, pop the mouth piece back on and push the button 5times quickly.

It'll vibrate and the light will flash while it's heating up. When ready the light will glow steady in your temperature choice. If it's not your preferred temperature range, simple press the button once and it will change. Cycle through single pushes to your desired temperature choice.
I have found the lowest setting to be best for me with no choking cough and a pretty damn good buzz. So if you or a loved have trouble enjoying your favorite herb I highly recommend it for continuing your dry herb experience . At the time I purchased it it was around the $70 .

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