8x4 grow tent

  1. youlumi

    Old Reviews YouLumi Grow Tent

    YouLumi Grow Tent Build the most suitable living environment for your cherished plants and take good care of them simply by taking this Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent with Window back home, Effectively resisting any intense sunlight from shining on the plants, this tent...
  2. B

    Indoor My journeys in the land of autoflowers and the midnight sun

    I have a Blog too but since I haven't been posting long I am going to try a couple in just regular threads as well to see what will get me more traffic mostly for advice and help as I want to get better and I value this community and the opinions and experience that it has to offer and figure...
  3. NebulaNuggets

    Old Reviews One tent or Two tents?

    I am looking to buy a tent here in the next few days and I have room for an 8x4. The bedroom space is about 11x8 with a closet and I am going to use the closet for future considerations. I want to start running autos in the 8x4 for the next year, and most likely only autos. My previous grows...
  4. T

    My daughter has cancer, I need this to work. Help please.

    Hi all, My daughter has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia diagnosed in Aril 2015. They were unable to get her into remission, so I started her on Rick Simpson Oil combined with chemo, and it has worked well, she is now down to .02 (.01 is considered full remission). She Refused bone marrow...