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  1. Dutch Passion / KEROSENE KRASH (REVIEW)

    Autoflowering Dutch Passion / KEROSENE KRASH (REVIEW)

    Dutch Passion kindly gave me 7 kerosene krash seeds for a Grow & Show & 1 Auto Mazar seed too.. All for free here on Afn. I felt honoured to get to try out thier genetics at last so couldn't wait to get started and got them started as soon as they arrived. The seeds came in a nice metal...
  2. 15 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    15 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    this was her most colorful bud. Not even a main. a satellite. BEAUTIFUL PLANT!
  3. 14 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    14 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    well I guess there were 4, not 3. Thick ass buds.
  4. 13 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    13 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    another closeup. I couldnt stop taking pictures of her. 347 photos, both before and after defoliation.
  5. 12 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    12 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    closeup 2nd tallest main after defoliation
  6. 11 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    11 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    full body defoliation. can't even see the central stalk
  7. 10 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    10 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    the same main cola top after defoliation.
  8. 9 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    9 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    Here is the tallest top after defoliation.
  9. 8 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    8 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    it looks like a star on top, doesn't it?
  10. 7 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    7 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    this photo is one of the best to illustrate the full range of color that she had. The magenta is not very prevalent in this one, but it has ALL the colors, and thats what I was going for in this one.
  11. Cosmic_haze

    Indoor Bruce Banner #3 Auto

    Ok new member here... Well, kind of lol this is actually a newly created profile account... Anyway thought I do a grow over here since I haven't did one on afn in long time... So here's my setup and what Ive got going on... Week 1 (Day 1) Not much to see at the moment but I'm doing a run of two...
  12. Dudeski

    Indoor Royal AK and Royal Dwarf

    Royal Queen Seeds have some amazing genetics so i started a Royal AK and a Royal Dwarf last night in 3 gallon fabric pots. I'm using Roots 707 soil with various ammendments. GBD, alfalfa meal, some guanos, Aurora Elemental , potassium silicate and something else I don't remember right now...
  13. pop22

    Lighting Cobs and QBs: Blending Top Tech and Growing Purple Amnesia

    Getting the tent ready for a new grow! This time, 2 Auto Cobs and One QB 288 all run at 60 watts for a 180 watt total. Tent is 2'8" x 2'8" x 5'. I'll grow one Purple Amnesia ( thank you my friend! ) in a 3 gallon pot of organic soil. The soil mix is: 3 parts black soil 1 part Lobster compost (...
  14. Hippy_BiotabsF70

    Dutch Passion Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud, Biotabs, DIY Cobs & a Hippy

    Hi AFN. My name is Hippy and this is my journal for my first ever Dutch Passion grow! :woohoo: :woohoo1: :vibe: Thank you so much @DutchPassionTony for giving me the opportunity to grow these awesome Dutch Passion AOB tester beans! :worship: :vibe: I am really into low energy, minimal water...
  15. pop22

    Setting up my breeding lab

    I've converted one of my cabs to use just for breeding. I found a tray that will hold 20, 4 inch pots and fits well in my cab. I replaced my DIY light with a Horticultural Lighting Group QB 288 COB in board form. These are powerful, thin and light weight lights that are perfect in height...
  16. IceWater421

    Dinafem IceWater Does DinaFem (White Cheese Auto)

    I will be doing a grow journal for DinaFem's White Cheese (Auto) I will be vegging under a T5 fluorescent 8bulb fixture in a Dr60 grow tent. I will be doing them in Coco Hempy Buckets using Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Line with R.O water . When the girls show sex I will be than putting them...
  17. HitzFromDaKine

    Live Stoners Hitz Growing Some Trees

    Doing the intro thing. Found this through some guys over at r/autoflowers on Reddit. AFN seems to have far more action than over there and I am trying to be part of that Auto Life. I will have to get some pictures of my grow and bang out a journal and soon, but in the meantime let me do the...
  18. Eekman

    Nutrients REMO Nutrients first time Nute user

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to Uncle Eek's Cabin. We received our Remo package about four or five days ago. We immediately dropped two 2fast 2vast feminized seeds into 10 gallon of coco soil sold at a local hydro store, in Smart Pots. We have two LED lights, one a solar flare 220 and a Platinum...
  19. regen

    New Grower MH + HPS with Mr Hempy DIY everywhere i can

    Hi fellas Regen here, (beware broken Engrish) After i smoked all my buds and cleared all my problems and stuff i decided to grow again. Like an old man said, once a grower always a grower. Anyway, i like to DIY all the stuff i can because of two reasons; Cheap and funny. This time i wanted to...
  20. IndicaIVoz

    Dutch Passion Indi's Autoultimate Review

    Hi All this is my Review/smoke report for Autoultimate. I would Highly recommend this strain to anyone beginner or expert alike!. She's easy to grow and will put up with almost anything you can throw at her. in saying that i find she does not really want a lot of nutes but Loves a lot of fresh...