1. Bruce Campbell

    Indoor Army of Dankness - Bruce's Blueberries

    Bruce Campbell's Perpetual Ongoing Optimization Growathon
  2. B

    Harvest & Curing Did I flush too soon?

    Hi Guys, Here I have a plant - Orig blueberry auto Dr Rays at day 75 from seed. I started flushing her about a week and a half ago (she looked almost the same as she does now except a lot greener!) but she doesn't seem to be maturing as fast as I thought she would be and now half the plants...
  3. Green Hornet

    Photoperiod Blueberry basement boogie

    I dropped 13 blueberry seeds in shot glasses with RO water. I have grown them before and they are always a hit. This strain is supposed to be the old school strain. The seeds came from Farmers lab in BC. I will use the Roots organic line of soil and dry fertilizer. Please everyone stop by and...
  4. Heirloom genetics

    Seed Bank Heirloom Genetics.
    Threadmarks: Heirloom Genetics

    Hello all I’m new here I’m Don from Heirloom Genetics. I’ve been collecting and phe o hi ting since 1990, but my genetics go farther back then that. I have chased pure genetics for decades and I believe I have amassed a very unique seed bank of country of origin genetics and my own “ pure...
  5. 64E500E7-A84A-4D00-A20E-4216017958D0.jpeg


    1976 ashaland Oregon blueberry
  6. UncleJesus

    Live Stoners 1st Time Grow Results + Custom Build

    1st time grower here. Take a look at my build I made plus some flowering pics! Close to harvest. Will update you all on results! 2x2x4 Custom Grow Cabinet WHATS INSIDE? Links included - 110 CFM Computer Fan (AC INFINITY AXIAL1238) $21.99 - Parfact Works 250 Watt LED $86.00 - Parfact Works 1000...
  7. Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    These babies are part of my Festivus 2020 prize. Dinafem was absolutely amazing, and so I am giving their seeds prime space in my grow area, so we can see what they can do. I'm so excited about the blueberry genetics. Dinafem was the very first seed I ever grew/ordered, and I can't WAIT to see...
  8. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Dinafem Festivus 2020 Prize Pack from Dinafem - AMAZING!

    Now, I HAD TO put this out there, because @Dinafem-Mark did me so right on the prize pack. I wasn't expecting but the 5pk of seeds, but to my surprise, I was told to pick two strains. I thought maybe that I would get the two strains split between 5 seeds, or maybe a 3 pack of each. I did a...
  9. Cannakisses

    Hows she looking

    This is my blueberry auto, she sprouted may24/5th. Shes a shorty as shes had alot of lst. Everytime I go to see her I'm more and more excited!! But in the 2 days I last seen her she packed on some bulk, so will she continue to bulk out? How does she look?
  10. Cannakisses


    I've got a blueberry auto and pineapple gum auto, both in flowering had a slight nitrogen def hopefully that's sorted now. I just wondered if the lighting I have is enough? I'm waiting for my energy meter to come, as I don't trust the "1000w' claim given for the led panel. Lighting consists...
  11. Cannakisses

    Help me please

    Evening thanks for dropping by, hopefully you can help me I was doing I bit of LST and i heard that heart crushing snap FML:jawdrop:... I managed to snap a really tiny side stem. Gutted is an understatement! So I frantically got the tape and got the stem in the correct place and taped the bad...
  12. Cannakisses

    From super-micro grow to hydroshoot120 tent

    Afternoin all, So I have a pretty "micro" (literally) grow going on, with the hope to stick them outside, but that's weather dependent. I have limited resources so I'm added and changing as I go along. At the I'm using a cfl bulb, in a tinfoil lined cupboard with a desktop fan. I soaked the...
  13. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion Terra's Blueberry forest in 8.5L autopots

    Hi everyone, welcome to my future forest :biggrin: I shall be experimenting with 8.5L autopots instead of the 15L ones I normally use. I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours and put them between some paper towels. I then sowed 7 Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry's (courtesy of @DutchPassionTony) in...
  14. N

    Photography First time grow blueberry how am I doing?

    I planted this girl on April 1st, seems to be doing well but really I have no Idea. What do you think?
  15. UndisturbedOrganix

    Indoor Blueberry Headband x Purple Kush x Lowryder2

    Hey there my friends this one will soon be harvested grown No-Till style zero inputs all self sustainable farming
  16. Medimadness

    New Grower Medimadness’ rotating garden of lunacy.

    Hey AFN, Long time lurker, medical and occasionally recreational cannabis user and horticulture student/ landscaping assistant. I have a fair amount of practical knowledge and experience with quite a few edible and display plants including cultivation via a permaculture format. Sadly while all...
  17. tobylazlo

    crazy autoflower stalk

    not sure if this is the right place to post this....but i wànt to share some photos with aautoflower blueberry domina from ministry of cannabis.i have never grown this strain was grown in a 8l fabric pot,using calmag from aptus,canna coco and silicone from growth technology.just look...
  18. Alaskan1

    Live Stoners Your prettiest/favorite blueberry or blueberry cross pics!

    I love blueberry! Here's AK Berry! Post your favorite pic, or tell me your strain. MMMM...blueberry!
  19. Martin Ena

    New Grower Tri-Auto strains coco + hps + led

    Hi! Been a long time lurking and leaching all the great infos from all the great growers on this comunity and after my first unexpectedly succesful grow i decided to start my own journal. This grow is kinda different from my first (also more serious) so i need all the help i can sponge on! I...
  20. budelee

    Indoor AutoBeanStalks Communal Test Thread..Git Ya Some Dragons !!!

    :welcome:Everybody !! To The AutoBeanStalk Communal Test Thread The team will be documenting most of the gear that ABS offers I can say from past grows that this stuff is potent(my friends will back that statement when they wake up from that faceplant !!!) The Team Will Include @daggersstrain...