bubble hash

  1. pop22

    Extraction Making vape oil from bubble hash using Mass Terpene products

    I love hash! But its been many, many, years since I've had anything but scissor hash. I also really enjoy the samples I've had of liquid concentrate vape. I've dabbled with making my own with so so results. I have used terpene dilutants before but DAMN the taste was too strong and harsh! and...
  2. Wr4th

    Extraction CBD Shark, 3 Bears OG, and Walker Kush Bubble Hash

    Combined wet / freeze dried trim from 3 plants. Cold water extraction, drying, master ball, and cured!
  3. Trichome farmer

    Tutorial Bubble Hash Made Simple

    heres tutorial on how to make some BUBBLE HASH THE TRICHOME FARMER WAY HERES WHAT YOU NEED bubble bags a 2 bag set will work with 220micron work bag and a 25micron bottom bag to catch the resin the more bags you have the more refined the final product will be next up. a mixing spoon anything...
  4. Dr. Babnik

    Photoperiod Doc Is Growing Rif Mountain Weed - The Real Stuff

    Rif Mountain Weed - The Big Hash Project This is exciting! Native Rif Mountain Seeds, a generous and kind gift from @tobe! 2/3 seeds germinated after 48 hrs in wet paper towel. Prior to incubation in paper, the seeds was soaked overnight. They are now placed in Plagron Lightmix.
  5. Hippy_BiotabsF70

    Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies (Bubble Hash)

    Hi AFN People :biggrin: Strain: FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies Length of grow: I think it was 68 days. It wasn't ready (see below) Grow details: 3 x 3 tent with Platinum P450 LED. 15 litre fabric pot. Biobizz Lightmix. My first grow was an all FastBuds affair with a Girl Scout Cookies, a West...
  6. budelee

    Extraction Where's all the eth extractors?

    Wheres all the Everclear extractors ?? Just wanted to say hi to everbody and share some pics of my latest "pull".For this run I used Green Crack and Chem Dog,1.5 oz total,and was really happy with the return.Over this past year i have tried different methods of bho,quiso,and quet,(i only do nug...
  7. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Genetics Hash and Concentrates

    Welcome fellow AFN members:pass: I wanted to create a place where we can showcase some of your Mephisto hash and other forms of concentrates. Please feel free to add your creations. Here are some of the dry ice hash and rosin that I made with some of Mephisto's fine genetics. White Triangle...