1. G

    Not again! Any help?

    So i stopped growing 2 years ago, figured with my need for weed in a pandemic id start a new grow off to keep me away from other's, first 4 weeks i had a stunted seedling, it did nothing, then i flushed her and she immediately flowered and stretched, all was going fine untill yesterday i noticed...
  2. B

    Grow Mediums Composting with perlite.

    I was just reading it and found it interesting and maybe useful to people on here who make their own compost and living soils and such. I kinda wanted to get some peoples opinions or thoughts on it can't remember who does true soil and composting that I follow I'll save this as a draft and try...
  3. B

    My general compost tea recipe (Can I breed BTI in it?)

    Hi all, So I brew compost teas to feed my plant used in conjunction with a pre mixed soil that I make up. The recipe is as follows. -4ish gallons of water, -a half cup (or a little less) of worm castings, -a quarter cup of soil I dug up from the woods where the dirt is just incredibly rich...
  4. Green Goblin

    Indoor Oscorp Industries - Living Organics with Green Goblin

    What's up guys, figured it was time to start a journal. This will be an ongoing journal for anything and everything I do as well as future grows..Just give me a little time and I'll get you updated on what I have going on currently as I'm mid grow with Mephisto's Double Grape. Thank you.
  5. wanri1732

    Indoor Speed Buds & Dinafem Cheese XXL - QB288 260W - 2x4 - Goal to 250Grams

    Hi.... This is my 1st Grow. 3 Speed Buds from Female Seeds. Speed Bud 1 - 3 Weeks Speed Bud 2 - 3 Weeks Speed Bud 3 - 1 Week (New baby) 1 Cheese XXL Auto from Dinafem Room Setup : 288 Quantem Board 260W Light 4*2*5 Tent 6inch Exhaust Fan A/C @ 27celcius temp. - I live in a hot country...
  6. RockCity

    Indoor RockCity's Organic-"ish" Soil-based Mephisto Auto Experience featuring Amare SE880 LED

    This is my first grow since my last journal (which vanished so I wouldn't bother going and looking for it). My previous experience has been with Photos - now I've decided to get my feet wet with some Auto's, and who else better to go with than some Mephisto genetics. So far I have 3 Triangle...
  7. pop22

    Soil Experiment: The Continuous Pot

    Been some talk and minor controversy over recycling soil. I am a big proponent of recycled soil, hell, of recycling everything I can. Its not about saving money, its about why waste anything? We all waste way too much stuff, and every little bit you recycle/reuse helps a used and abused Earth...
  8. moutros

    Old Reviews Seaweed compost for the soil

    Hello everyone, i started making my own soil and i found this very interesting compost which according to directions should be used 50-50 with the soil Specifications Bulk density ~0.55 - 0.60 kg /lt Moisture content 25% - 30% m/m Dry matter 47%- 55% m/m Organic...
  9. Grim Reefer

    Super Anti - Root Rot Tea

    Introduction This Tea will completely stop root rot and act as a preventative as long as its used on a weekly basis. It will make the beneficial bacteria product last 100 times longer as we create over billions of beneficial bacteria working to help improve your crop. Plant Benefits Your...